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Book Translation Services. Translation of Books  - novel, fiction, memoir, biography, story, guide, and more!

Are You looking for professional English Russian or Russia English Book translation services? Do you need to translate a fiction, memoir, biography, periodicals, or eBook?


In order to reach a larger audience and go global you have to translate your book into another language. Our native speaking English and Russian linguists proficient in literary translation will make your book accessible to your readers worldwide.

With translation of your book you can impact thousands of lives by seamlessly conveying the essence of your work and giving the knowledge to those seeking it.


Our team of professional translators provides high-quality translation of novels, textbooks, scripts, stories, e-books, etc. by maintaining the authenticity of the original message and letting the reader enjoy your work. We take care to ensure that no aspects of literature and grammar and any crucial points of the book are missed or omitted.

Types of Books we translate:

  • Academic books

  • Fiction novels

  • Historical novels

  • Short stories

  • Biographies

  • Encyclopaedias

  • Textbooks and Training Manuals

  • Books on scientific and philosophical topics

  • Newspaper articles

  • Doctoral theses

  • University papers

  • Theological Books

  • Medical Books

  • Guide Books

  • Children’s Books

  • Cookery Books

  • Catalogues

  • Ebooks

  • Phrasebooks and dictionaries

  • Educational material

  • Periodicals



All the translations are carried out by certified and qualified native speaking Russian or English translators in a way that will make a reader to experience the diverse emotions while reading your novel, drama, autobiography, entertainment, or exciting and thrilling story. Since the translation may increase or decrease the text size we track the page numbers in contents and fine tune the formatting of the book to get prepared for further publication.



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Professional translation of books from English to Russian and from Russian to English

We Deliver Accurate Book Translations
Publishing a book can be quite difficult because of several factors. One of these factors is the language barrier. Not all people are familiar with English, which is why it is important to translate any literary piece from one language to another. Our company has a team of dedicated translators that can provide you with precise English Russian translation services. We are knowledgeable in various fields of the publishing industry. Therefore, we can guarantee that you will receive the kind of translation results that you deserve and expect.

We can translate from Russian to English various publishing materials and texts such as books, novels, articles, literary pieces, essays, newspaper articles, periodicals, research papers, press releases, web content, short stories, poems, biographies, autobiographies, e-books, audiobooks and many more. Our translation experts have the experience in book translations, which is why you have come to the right place.

Helping You Reach Out to Your Global Readers
The book industry is continuously evolving today. With the rise of technology, many are thinking that this industry will decline. However, it only created many opportunities for it to grow and spread to unchartered territories. In order to jumpstart your career in the publishing or book industry, you must think outside the box. Get away from your comfort zone and reach out to a global audience.

Translation services have provided a great amount of help in assisting professionals in this business. Book translation made a way for a humble writer to captivate the attention as well as interests of people from all around the world. Hiring an experienced translator can do wonders for your book. Our company provides English and Russian translation services that can aid you in breaking down international borders.

Working with Other Professionals
Creating a story is a gift. Therefore, we view it as a privilege as well as an honor to be chosen to translate your literary piece. Because of this, we see to it that we translate from Russian to English using our best resources. We also work with other professionals from the literature and publishing sectors in order to provide you with a high-quality translation result.

Our translators work with various professionals in the book-publishing sector including authors, publishers, editors, writers, linguists, agents, copywriters, book sellers, book enthusiasts and many more.

Hire a Professional Translator Now
Hiring a professional Russian English translator can help you expand the reach of your work. We can give you the right tools and materials that you need in order to let your story be known globally. Inquire with our talented English-Russian translation team in order to familiarize yourself with how we conduct our services. We can provide you with an online quotation or a sample computation in order to assist you in making your final decision.