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Professional pharmaceutical translation from English to Russian, from Russian to English

Experts in Pharmaceutical Translation 
Pharmaceutical translations are one of our many specialties and expertise. Our pool of experienced translators can provide you with quality English Russian translation services. We can translate any type of pharmaceutical documents from one language to another. Pharmaceutical documents include prescriptions, product labels, clinical trials, research papers, manuals, drug registration documentations, case report forms, patient questionnaires, product leaflets, toxicology reports, package inserts, consent forms, pharmacological studies and many more.

Our team of talented translators is well versed in various languages including Russian, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, German, Arabic, Farsi, Tagalog, Persian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Mandarin, Fokien, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Cantonese, Turkish and many more. We are native speakers of various languages; therefore, we are knowledgeable when it comes to proper sentence structure, grammar, spelling and correct usage.

The Importance of Pharmaceutical Translations 
There is no doubt that translations play a great role in the pharmaceutical industry. Since globalization is rampant nowadays, translation services are useful in communicating with your international market. The pharmaceutical industry is growing and expanding due to international distribution, which is why it is a necessity to translate drug product pamphlets, instructions, indications and other documents to your target language. This way, you and your clients are well informed when it comes to the correct dosage, contraindications, potential side effects and more.

Work with Our Team of Expert Translators 
Our company is dedicated to serving our clients’ translation needs and demands. Therefore, we strive for precision as well as accuracy in order to maintain a high standard of customer service. Our team of translators can provide you with outstanding Russian to English and English to Russian translation services, since we have over a decade’s worth of translation experience. Most of them have degrees in the medical as well as pharmaceutical field. Therefore, they know most of the concepts related to these industries.

In order to provide you with the best and most accurate translation results, we work together with various professionals in pharmaceutical as well as medical industries. This is due to our commitment to translate every word, term and sentence correctly. We consult various people including doctors, researchers, drug manufacturers, medical representatives, physicians, chemists, medical technicians, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, product managers, nurses and many more. We cooperate with these people in order to avoid errors when it comes to translating the more advanced technical terms.

Hire a Translator Now 
Hiring an English or Russian translator can be beneficial for your business or company. You can consider it as a good business investment since we can help you increase your brand awareness. You can also serve your clients on a more personal basis because you are communicating with them using their native vernaculars. We can help you reach out to your target audience using various translated mater