Delivery and Payment for Russian Translation

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From as low as 0.06USD per source word.

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We translate between Russian and over 20 other languages

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Delivery and Payment terms and conditions

We provide accurate translation from Russian to English and from English to Russian and deliver it according to your project requirements and within your budget and deadline.
Currently We accept online payments - Debit/Credit cards, PayPal


Delivery of and payment for English Russian translation services

Delivery and payment terms and conditions for English Russian translation services

Step 1: Submit Your translation project
In order for us to start translating Your document(s), first you will have to send us the details of your translation project along with the file(s) for translation so that we could estimate the project cost.

Upon your submission of the form we will estimate your project and send you the calculated project cost.

You can also get an online price calculation ​​​​for your translation project using our Online Price Calculator.

​​To get a cost estimate for Your Russian Translation Project You have to fill in and submit the ​​Online Quote request form.
You will have to fill in the following fields: Services, Approximate word count, Source Language, Target Language, Subject, Name, Country, E-mail, Phone, Deadline, and Comments. In the File upload field you can upload Your document(s) for translation.

​​Also you may upload (along with the source file(s)) or send us any reference material you may have (this will help us to provide a better quality translation)​.
You can get a rough estimate of your Project by sending us via E-mail the word count of the text for translation, language combination (source language and target language(s)), area of expertise, and the deadline (turnaround) of your potential Order.
Once you have submitted to us the filled Quote Request Form one of our managers will contact you by e-mail or phone.

You can submit Your Translation Project directly via our Online Order form or you can use our feedback forms placed on most pages of the website.
​When we receive your Project we shall estimate it first, send you the cost estimate for your confirmation and then, if the price is agreed, proceed with translation of your documents.

​​Step 2: Upload the File
​Online Quote Request form​
To get a precise and accurate estimate of your Project you have to upload the file(s) in the Online QuoteRequest form.
The file size in the Online Quote Request form is limited to 50 mb.
You can upload one file per each "Upload file" field. If you need to submit more than one file you have to either divide your files in three parts (per three "Upload file" fields) or ZIP (archive) the files using one of the Archive software (e.g. 7 Zip, RAR, etc.).
If you don’t feel comfortable with uploading the files using the Online Quote Request Form you can send us your files via E-mail but in this case you should bear in mind that the E-mail is limited to 25 mb of transmission capacity for one-time file upload.
To transfer file(s) for estimation with size over 50 mb you can use the online file transfer websites like, or​
If you don’t upload the file you can still get an estimate for your Project by sending us the word count of the text for translation, language combination (source language and target language(s)), area of expertise and the deadline.
If you want to have your file(s) translated into more than one language you have to select the Source Language and Target Languages you want to have your document(s) translated into.

​​Online Order form
​To place an order you have to fill in the Online Order form, upload your file(s), select languages, service or services, area of expertise, deadline and describe your project in the Comments field and submit your project details online.
The file size for file upload is unlimited.
You can upload as many files as required.
If you submit your Translation Project directly via the Online Order form without the prior cost estimate ​​​via the Quote Request form we will first estimate your project, calculate the price and send you the cost estimate and the deadline for your confirmation. If you agree with our cost and the deadline we will proceed with Your project translation immediately. If you don't agree with our cost and the deadline we can review it according to your specific requirements.

​​Step 3: Calculate the Cost
Online Calculator​
You can calculate the price for your translation project using our Online Calculator.
​​You can select your language pair (English to Russian or Russian to English), area of expertise, number of words, and urgency and calculate your price according to the above items.

Quote Request form
​​Once we receive the submitted form with your Project details and the uploaded file we shall calculate the price for your Project based on the data you provide in the form and the number of words in the file(s) you uploaded or sent to us via e-mail.
After we have estimated your Project based on the source information received we shall shortly send you a price quote specifying the order deadline and other possible terms for your acceptance along with a request for any additional information we might need.
Acceptance of our quote and the delivery deadline will need to be confirmed by e-mail or telephone. I.e. we shall not proceed with your Project until you accept the quote and the deadline and send us the confirmation.

​​Step 4: Get Your document(s) translated
​In order for us to start working on Your English to Russian or Russian to English translation project You will have to confirm our costs and the deadline.
​Once you confirm the quote and the deadline we shall proceed with the Project and begin working on your Order.
When our terms are accepted, we shall send you a payment request to the e-mail address you provided in the form and you will be directed to the third party Payment Gateway (2CO) webpage for online payment – see below for more information.
We shall start on your Project ONLY upon your confirmation of the deadline and the cost.


The translation (or any other language service) shall be carried out in three steps:
1. Translation
Normally one translator can translate 3000 to 4000 words a day.
However if you have an urgent project or if you have a large text we can involve two or more translators at the same time to ​​translate in one day as many words as required by the Project.

2. Quality Check/Verification/Proofreading
Every Project shall undergo a thorough check prior to the final delivery.​
3. Confirmation
The Client shall confirm the quality and completion of the final delivered translation.​

​​Step 5: Pay for Translation
​Upon the price and the deadline confirmation we will email you a payment request to the e-mail you provided.
We will issue an invoice and send you either a link to the 2CO ( (one of the broadest e-commerce payment platforms in the world) where you can pay on-line by your Credit/Debit Card or PayPal or our Bank Account Details for Bank (Wire) Transfer.
We will send you an Invoice with your Project details and the due amount to be paid for the Project.

In case of the Project cost amount below 1000 Euros the payment shall be processed in full upon the Project final delivery. If the Project amount exceeds 1000 Euros the payment shall be divided in two halves – 10% prior to the final Project delivery and the other 90% upon the final delivery of the Project. The second half of the due payment shall be transferred no later than within 3 days of the final delivery of the Product (final completed translation).

We ask first-time customers to transfer the invoiced amount in two halfs - 10% of advance payment prior to the commencement of the Project and the rest 90% upon the completion of the Project, unless otherwise agreed.
For recurring customers we do not request for an upfront payment of 10%.

For receiving the online payments we use the 2CO payment platform (
Thus we accept all major Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal and Bank (Wire Transfer) in all major currencies.
Below is the list of payment methods 2checkout offers:
• Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners, JCB
• PIN debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo
• Debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo
• PayPal

For Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer/Direct Deposit) we use Bank Accounts.
If you don’t succeed to pay us on-line you can pay us using Bank Transfer.

​​Step 6: Get Your translated project
​Once the Project has been completed the final product shall be delivered back to you via e-mail or a downloadable link.
Normally we shall send you the translated file via e-mail but if the file is too big for your email box we can provide a downloadable link or FTP from where you can upload your finished Project file(s).
We can deliver the completed translation either by parts or as one piece.
The completed translation shall be delivered to You by the delivery date agreed upon.

You will have to check the translated file and notify us of any error or a problem, if any, within 3 days after the final delivery of the completed Project.
If you have any inquiry you may e-mail or call us.

If you have any questions regarding the order placement, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We are always happy to answer your questions.