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Russian Document Translation

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English to Russian Document Translation Services

Translation of documents from English to Russian Language

Are you looking for English to Russian document translation services? Do you need to translate documents from English to Russian or from Russian to English? Do you want your document to be translated by professional native-speaker?

English-Russian-Translations provides document translation services that will help you and your business succeed in the global marketplace. Along with over 100+ professional translators specializing in document translation, we have subject matter and industry experts who are qualified in translation and working in your sector.

  • English to Russian / Russian to English / +20 languages

  • Professional English and Russian translators

  • Compliance with ISO 17100:2015 and EN 15038

  • PDF, MS Word, Excel, Power Point, AutoCAD, and more

  • From as low as 50 USD per single translation project

  • Fast turnaround times - up to the same day delivery!

Every translator goes through a series of rigorous tests making them eligible to translate your documents. Backed by our Quality Assurance process as per ISO and EN and cutting edge technology, we ensure respective quality and accuracy throughout the entire translation process and on-time delivery. There are hundreds of clients relying on English-Russian-Translations for their document translation needs.


We translate all kinds of documents, including but not limited to: booklets, pamphlets, marketing brochures, government documents, medical records, reports, technical manuals, certificates, passports, contracts, agreements, judicial rulings, educational materials, legal findings, memorandums, thesis, prescriptions, presentations, scripts, website texts, software related documentation, public notices, financial information, licenses, diplomas, emails, correspondence, articles, books, memoirs, fictions, news feeds, magazines, and more!


We also translate all sorts of legal documents for Citizenship and Immigration services. This includes the support in filling-up of all necessary forms and documents. We translate all documents for enrolling at a university and getting the extramural and intramural courses.



Request for English Russian Document Translation

English and Russian Translators

Over 1000 professional native-speaking in-house and freelance translators

Quality Assurance and Management

Quality control in compliance with ISO and EN

Double check by industrial expert

Professional Qualification

Professional linguists qualified for translation  in your specific field

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Best market prices for English Russian translation - from as low as $0.05 USD p.s.w.

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English Russian document translation in UK

Professional translation of documents from English to Russian and from Russian to English

Technical Document Translation English Russian

You may need a translation of just one page or a hundred pages technical manual from English to Russian for the local Russian market or for Russian companies or for International Oil and Gas projects. To be sure you will get a high-quality product you can go to our Quality Assurance page and see what international QC standards and procedures we follow. Also, if you want to have a look at how we translate technical documents from English to Russian you can check our translation samples. Technical translation of documents from Russian to English is not limited to just one or two sectors. Russia is a very rich country not only in Oil and Gas but also in gold, metals, wood and, of course, land. Besides, Russia has been integrating more advanced technologies in production, construction, farming, and pharmacy. It means the translation of technical documents from English to Russian is very much demanded in all sectors.


Medical Document Translation Russian English

There is a great need in medical care, healthcare, and treatment overseas. It is interesting to note that patients from such countries as USA, UK, and some of the European countries come to Russia for dental care and treatment. They are looking for medical help in local Russian hospitals and policlinics, or specific so-called medical centers. Far from a few people visit Russia for surgery. People in need of surgical help come to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar, and other cities for abdominal and bone surgery. People also make a lot of MRI or CAT scans for getting the correct diagnostics of their diseases and ailments. Such an interest in Russian medical care and treatment can be explained by the low cost of medical services in Russia.

Likewise, people from Russia go to Israel or Korea, or Germany for getting professional medical care, treatment and operation. If you go, for instance, to Israel, you will need the translation from Russian to Hebrew or will have to translate from Hebrew to Russian. Same for Russian to German translation and Russian to Korean translation. Israel has been recognized as one of the most hi-tech country in terms of medical operations. Korean is also worldly known for professional operation centers where people could have their cartilages or even bones replaced with new ones made of durable and stiff materials. Germany is also famous for clinics that treat their Russian patients as well as patients from around the world. To translate medical documents from Russian to English, Hebrew, Korean, German, or any other language, you can just make a request online and get a price quote within hours or minutes.


Pharmaceutical Document Translation from Russian to English

Pharmaceutical industry in Russia has always been the leading sector in economic and social life of the country. Over the past decades Russia has invited investors and foreign pharmaceutical companies for making their business within the Russian Federation. Local clinics have integrated international advanced technologies in therapy, scanning, diagnostics, treatment, and surgery. New technologies brought the pharmacy to the next level and allowed to expand the properties of compositions to the point where it could replace medicines and drugs.
The improvement of pharmacy in Russia gave the way to the importing and production of dietary supplements that at times substitute the medicines prescribed for treatment. That is where the
Russian to English pharmaceutical document translation will be required. Tableted vitamins and minerals became part of the daily nutrition package for Russian people. Local Russian flora rich in all kinds of useful ingredients combined with implemented advanced processing technologies makes it possible to produce a high-quality pharmaceutic product in Russia too.

Oil and Gas Document Translation English Russian

Russia being the giant of production of mineral resources has immense deposits of Crude Oil and Gas in Siberia, in the North of Russia (Arctic Ocean), in Caucasus, in the shelf area of Caspian Sea. Among Russian Oil and Gas companies there are such tycoons as Gazprom, Lukoil, and Rosneft. The abundance of mineral resources in the country make not just very popular but also quite influential. And it is not the territory that matters but what is located and deposited within this territory. Along with millions of barrels of crude oil mined and pumped every day there are millions of USD dollars paid for sold product and millions of pages translated every week in Oil and Gas industry. The need in translation of Oil and Gas documents from Russian to English is great as there are hundreds of foreign companies involved in Russian oil and gas production projects. 

Those companies are not only engaged in production, but also in construction, operation and maintenance, start-up and commissioning, civil engineering, automation, quality control, diagnostics, and transportation. Besides, those companies are based in USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, and other countries, which makes it absolutely necessary to speak and translate oil and gas documents from Russian to English, German, Norwegian, Italian, Dutch, French, and other languages. If you need the translation of oil and gas documents from Your native language to Russian you have just to submit your project online or connect with us via email.

Advertising Document Translation Russian English

Advertising sector is very broad and includes all kinds of advertising and marketing. It can be the promotion of a product or service or copywriting the text for website to do the search engine optimization. Mostly it is related to publicity and social acknowledgment for commercial or political purposes.

Mass media is a strong and influential leverage used to form and change people’s opinions and preferences. Therefore, all that is related to media and advertising is really important and critical. Along with numerous textual advertisements we have a flood of video materials that is being dumped on us from TV and Internet. Both in UK, Russia, and USA, advertising is a major part of commerce – online and offline. Ecommerce is what is on the agenda and it takes major market share.

Since advertising is that large sector it also needs a lot of English Russian advertising translations. As the advertisements are being shown every day so the need in covering the bigger audience is growing proportionately. You may need to translate document from Russian to English for your advertising purposes or translate video for your commercial ads – both need professional English Russian translation company that will do it in a professional and timely manner.

Legal Document Translation Russian English

If you run business or need certification, or go through court proceedings, you may need the professional English Russian legal document translation services. For that matter the best provider of legal translations will be the one who is near you, has over 10 years of respective experience, and charges not so high even if your documents cost millions. Among the most requested translations are the translations of contracts, certificates, passports, agreements, and business reports to be submitted to legal bodies. 

Less popular are certificates, passports, and patents. Also, due to the current legal requirements, business companies issue and submit their financial and business reports to legal agencies for monitoring and double check. We translate legal documents from Russian to English as well as to over 20 other major world languages. So if, for instance, you need to translate your patent or technical passport from Russian to German or Japanese, you can easily request for such translation using our online form. 

Another type of documents, specific in its class, is the one related to court proceedings or prosecutions. It is not that often translated by our team but still takes its share among the requests for English Russian translation of legal documents.

Business Document Translation from English to Russian

There are a lot of business opportunities in Russia for international companies. Considering the fact that Russia has immense deposits of Oil and Gas the major industry where USA and UK companies have their share and in which they make their profit is energy sector. Undoubtedly the tapping of crude oil and gas is the most profitable business in Russia, still it has a lot more “opportunities” like coal, metals, precious metals, wood, fertile soil, as well as what grows and what is planted on that soil – vegetables, fruits, crops, and what is raised on that land – livestock. 
Among other industries that international companies invest in are: technology, engineering, information technology, science, aerospace, telecom, biotechnology, pharmacy, tourism and travel. When in Russia business people from Great Britain request for
business document translation from Russian to English and vice versa. Likewise, when Russian representatives of companies like Gazprom, Lukoil or Rosneft come to London they urgently need professional translation of documents from English to Russian. Price for translation services may differ between UK and Russia. However, we keep the prices low even in the United Kingdom. 

Engineering Document Translation from Russian to English

With a lot of industrial projects being developed and built in Russia comes the need in all kinds of engineering. There are many engineering sub-sectors that are included in an engineering sector, like chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, agricultural engineering, applied engineering. Another sub-sector of engineering that is popular in Russia at the moment is bio-engineering. When you work with foreign companies or companies from UK you will have to communicate with your partners or contractors in their native language and that’s where the engineering document translation from Russian to English will be demanded. 
To get a
professional translation of engineering documents from English to Russian you have to know where to find one. Obviously the services in Russia will be cheaper. When you get the translation services from Russia you will be able to get a quality translation from English to Russian but if you need to translate a document from Russian to English you would better contact UK based Russian to English translation company. The reason is that translators permanently residing in Great Britain have a respective English language environment that will make them sound native in English.


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