Editing and Proofreading

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Editing and Proofreading of English and Russian translation

  • We provide editing and proofreading for both English and Russian translation. 

  • We have a  professional team of translators who can do the job of editing and proofreading of your text in order to check several aspects before delivering it to the readers and audiences.

We edit and proofread texts written in English and Russian languages, as well as in 20+ languages!

We cooperate with professional linguists specialising in translation and editing of texts in your specific sector. 

Samples of translation

You can have a look at samples of our English Russian and Russian English translations in varios sectors.


Proofreading of translated text

Communication is very important when it comes to a business and there are several effects of misinterpreting texts in another language. If you have texts files or websites or drawings created and translated by your own staff, you may still want that to be edited and proofread in order to be able to deliver the right message to the receiver.

What Does Editing Involve?
When we say editing, this is the process where we correct the mistakes in a text. This is very important if you decide to publish it to a large audience, whether it will be advertised or simply for public reading presentation. This may involve correcting grammar and the style of how the text is written.

Even if the person you are dealing with knows that Russian or English is not your first language, it is still a good idea to have a perfect translation in order to have better understanding of what is being discussed in your paper or your print ad.

We do comprehensive review of the document you have submitted and check the grammar, spelling, style as well as the contents. This will help you a lot in communicating with your audiences and the accuracy of the message you want to deliver will be appreciated.

Here are the following reasons why you may want to consider editing when it comes to documents involving English or Russian translation:

·         Check whether the message in your text is consistent as a whole with the original text
·         Russian or English Translator was able to use the right terminology
·         Whether the style used in the text is uniform

Proofreading Important Documents
While there is a huge emphasis on editing the documents you have, there is also a great concern when it comes to proofreading. This involves verifying the contents by a professional proofreader in the language.

Important documents should be proofread first before delivering it to your client or circulating it to the public. The duty of the proofreader is to deliver final polishing of the document you have.

These are the reasons why you should consider proofreading your text or documents before publication

·         To check whether you are able to use the right words when it comes to terminology
·         Check the output for errors like punctuation, grammar, style and capitalization
·         Since this is an English to Russian or a Russian to English Translation, you may want someone to check whether the right message is delivered from the original text

The Quality of our Work
When you have someone translate the documents or texts, you may still want to have them edited or proofread just to ensure the quality of the document. We have our own professional linguists along with our English and Russian translators so you can be confident that we can proofread and edit your texts or documents effectively. Expect high quality work from us.