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Are You looking for professional English Russian legal translation services? Do you need to translate a document, website, or video on legal matters? Looking for English Russian legal translator for your personal or corporate needs?

Legal translation is mostly associated with translation of legal documents or texts related to the fields of law. Translation of legal documents requires a very high degree of accuracy, which can be attained with respective skills, knowledge and expertise, as well as years of experience in the subject.

All legal translations are carried out using highly qualified and experienced professional translators with over 10 years of experience in translation of legal documents. We have a team of linguists with respective knowledge of judicial terminology and proficient in legal matters.

To make sure the translation is 100% accurate the translator should not only know the legal terms in two languages but also be aware of the cultural, social and linguistic similarity and equivalence of both English and Russian languages. Furthermore, the legal translator should also be aware and have a thorough understanding of the difference of legal systems, rights and regulations in each respective country.

We cover a wide variety of legal texts. It can be:

  • Contracts and agreements

  • Identity documentation

  • Immigration documents

  • Court orders

  • Financial documents

  • Official reports

  • Patents

  • Litigation documents

  • Legal rulings

  • Articles of incorporation

  • Witness statements

  • Property labels

  • Witnesses statements


Legal communication between people, companies, and parties should be clear and concise, especially when dealing with their sensitive and personal information. When translating the legal documentation we literally produce clear and unambiguous legal documents having equal legal force in a foreign language along with the original document. Our English and Russian translators know the law of the target language country, which allows us to provide a complete translation of your legal material without omissions or errors.

The data we receive from you shall be secured and kept confidential in compliance with GDRP. We understand the importance, sensitivity and criticality of legal documents, and process all translated documents under the highest level of security. All translations are performed by professional legal translators in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance standards.



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English Russian Legal Translation | Russian English Legal Translation

Professional legal translation from English to Russian, from Russian to English

English-Russian-Translations is a leading company in Legal Translation services. Our English to Russian and Russian to English Translation is highly accurate as we have Russian and English translators who have an in-depth background in translation of legal documents. We can translate all kinds of legal documents such as contracts, agreements, certificates, regulations, resolutions, pacts, standards, diplomas and so much more.

What Can You Expect from Our Legal Translation Service?
The first thing that you should expect from our service is 100% accurate legal document translation. We know that a legal document is a very sensitive and important type of document that needs to be handled with precise accuracy. Every word and punctuation marks have to be translated without any errors because one mistake can change the whole meaning of the sentence.

Since we handle your vitally important legal documents, we guarantee our confidentiality. Most often, legal documents, such as contracts and agreements, contain personal information that does not need to be disclosed to any third party.Our English and Russian translators are aware of the value that your legal documents may have and so they handle your documents with care and confidentiality.

Legal documents need to be submitted or shown in a timely manner. This is why our Russian English translation service is very strict when it comes to deadlines. We understand that without these legal documents, your business or projects can be seriously affected or even halted. We have many native Russian and English translators who can work with your legal documents for a faster turnaround time.

You can be sure that our Russian English translation of legal documents will be handled by professional and well-experienced translators. Mostly, our Russian English translation team is composed of people who have first-hand experience of working in the legal industry. You can be sure that we understand and know how to handle all the legal documents that you submit to us. Our translators know and understand the meaning of each word and phrase they translate, which means there will be zero errors. Since our translators are native speakers, they also understand the culture and law practices of the country you are planning to do business with. This is a great advantage when you want to have a legal document that is precise and without any flaws.

What makes us better than our competitors?
Legal documents are too valuable and important to be handled by translators who do not have any experience in the legal industry. We have specialists who are well versed and experts in translating all types of legal documents. We are connected to a global network of professional translators who are eager and willing to help you with your legal translations. We cover a vast range of service in terms of legal translation and this makes us better than the rest. Legal translation is our job and we always prioritize 100% customer satisfaction.