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Russian Media Translation Services

Translation of media files from English to Russian and from Russian to English.

We translate all kinds of media files - documents in all formats, websites, videos, pdf brochures and leaflets, ppt presentations, marketing and advertising texts, journals, magazines, newspapers, blogs, articles, and more!


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Professional media translation from English to Russian, from Russian to English

Media English Russian Translations
Our translation from Russian to English or English to Russian pursues the goal of conveying the information, values and emotions in the original format to the intended people. We assign translation projects to Russian or English translators who are not just specializing in this field but are also literary writers themselves and who understand your specific translation needs.

We can accept any media files for translation and we are not limited just to press releases or news articles. We understand that media industry and top media organizations will always need accurate and quick media translations. Below is the list of types of documents we can translate between English and Russian and all major world languages:

·         Newspapers
·         Bulletins
·         Video Files
·         Audio Files
·         Blogs
·         Books
·         Digital Content
·         Press Releases
·         Multimedia Presentations
·         Full Press Kits
·         TV and Radio Reports
·         News Articles
·         Brochures and Other Marketing Materials
·         Corporate Communications
·         Customer Letters and Invoices

When it comes to document format, you can get it in the same format you submitted to us or you can choose the format to your liking. 

Our Team for Language Translation
We only employ top-notch translators who are not just a diamond in their field; all of them are degree holders as well as members of professional translation bodies such as the ATA and ITI or the equivalent institution. They all have access to dictionaries for media specific terms to provide an output that’s consistent and accurate no matter the size of the project. Our specialists for all English Russian translation services possess the highest qualifications availabe; they’re all bilinguals with over 10 years in translation and are committed to accuracy and deadlines for client satisfaction. We coopeate only with qualified and professional English and Russian translators who are all experienced in media translation.

Media Translation in Russian with Faster Turnaround Times
English-Russian-Translations is proud of our proven track record when it comes to turnaround times. Your project will undergo a superbly systematic and highly organized management process so we can live up to our promise even with time sensitive projects. We focus not only on doing accurate translation but also on delivering the completed translation within your timeframe as well.

Confidentiality Agreement
We understand that all projects for Russian English translation demand a high confidentiality and we are taking it seriously. Hence, we will provide and sign a non-disclosure agreement with all our clients provided that all clauses of the agreement are taken into consideration. We are obliged not to divulge any information about the projects that are submitted to us and we are bound by that agreement.

English Russian Translation Following International Standards
Rest assured that each and every project we accept will be performed within the strict compliance with international quality standard. This greatly helps us to live up to our promise of consistent and accurate output as well as turnaround times that will meet your expectations.