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Medical and pharmaceutical translation requires expertise, precision and accuracy that can only be ensured by professional medical translator with excellent in-depth knowledge of medical terminology and healthcare industry as well years of experience in translating medical content. 

Translation of any kind of medical documentation, whether it is  patient record, prescription, medical history, medical device document, pharmaceutical information, medical software documentation, and the like, is very critical and should be error-free and 100% accurate in the target language as even the slightest error in translation can have dire consequences, like mistreating, becoming sick, physical injury, costly fine or patient rejection. 

We perfectly understand the sensitive nature of your medical documents and vital importance of precision in healthcare translations. All our English Russian medical translations are carried out by certified medical translators with medical background qualified in the respective healthcare subject matter and field of practice. We have a vast experience in translation of a wide variety of medical fields, including but not limited to:
•    Anesthesiology
•    Otolaryngology
•    Cardiology
•    Nephrology
•    Neurology
•    Endocrinology
•    Neurophysiology
•    Pulmonology
•    Gastroenterology
•    Radiology
•    Gynecology
•    Oncology
•    Surgery
•    Ophthalmology
•    Immunology
•    Urology

If you information is deemed confidential you are welcome to request for signing the confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement before the commencement of translation. 

We translate all kinds of specialized medical documents for patients, clinics, medical tourists and providers in full compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, specific procedures, and local legislation. Any medical translation project is handled in utmost care, as the quality of translation can be the matter of life or death. We translate different types of documents, including but not limited to the following: 
•    Manuals for medical devices
•    Clinical Trial Protocol (CTP)
•    Pharmaceutical instructions
•    Medical brochures
•    Informed Consent Forms (ICF)
•    Regulatory correspondence
•    Health education material
•    Patient Information Leaflets (PIL)
•    Case Report Forms (CRF)
•    Medical records
•    Physician manuals
•    Autopsy Reports
•    Instructions for Use (IFU)
•    User Manuals for medical devices
•    Patent applications
•    Patient reports
•    Test procedures

In all our medical translations we use the most up-to-date technologies and other aids along with specific subject matter glossaries that ensure the accuracy of translation and security of provided data, and rely on our team of medical translation experts with scientific and medical background, who produce medical translations in full compliance with all applicable project and legislative requirements and ISO 9001 quality assurance standards.



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English Russian Medical Translation | Russian English Medical Translation

Professional medical translation from English to Russian, from Russian to English

Compliance and Certification
Every member of our translation team is up-to-date with medical terms. There are also strict quality control measures for our translation services. Required certifications from medical certification agencies are in place.

Medical Documents We Translate
We translate wide variety of medical documents between English and Russian and all major languages.They include the following:

·         Case Report Forms
·         Clinical Protocols Reports
·         Clinical Trials Data
·         Training Materials & Videos
·         Data Sheets and Dossiers
·         Drug Registration Documentation
·         Informed Consent Forms and Applications
·         Investigator Manuals
·         IVR Data
·         Manufacturing Process Descriptions Report
·         Package Inserts and Labels
·         Patient Information and Records
·         Patient Recruitment Materials
·         Pharmacological Studies
·         Product Labels
·         SAE and SOP Procedures
·         Published Articles
·         Software and Hardware Related to Medical Fields
·         Toxicology Reports

Whom Do We Translate Documents For?
We provide English Russian translation services for different institutes involved in medical industry:

·         Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies
·         Biotechnology Companies
·         Drug Manufacturers
·         Medical Device Manufacturers Companies
·         Research Organisations
·         Hospitals and Surgical Institutes
·         Clinical Research Organisations
·         Medical Colleges and Research Institutions

Medical Fields that we offer our Translation Service to
We offer Russian to English and vice-versa translation service in the following fields:

·         Andrology
·         Cardiology
·         Dermatology and skincare
·         Endocrinology
·         Gastroenterology
·         Geriatrics
·         Gynaecology
·         Immunology
·         Microbiology
·         Nephrology
·         Neurology and neurophysiology
·         Nuclear Medicine
·         Obstetrics
·         Oncology
·         Ophthalmology
·         Otolaryngology
·         Pathology
·         Psychiatry and psychology
·         Pulmonology
·         Radiology
·         Surgery
·         Urology

High standards
During the process of translation from Russian to English or English to Russian, consistent high standards are maintained. The error-free translation service is made possible by our stringent quality control measures and multiple reviews by expert specialists. Our translations are certified for translation accuracy by expert medical professionals.

Medical industry is required to follow a strict confidentiality standard due to its intrinsic nature of sensitive personal information and rights to privacy by individuals. Therefore, we take the issues of confidentiality with care. We generally sign a NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with our customers for legal binding of confidentiality issues. We also undertake bi-party arrangement on honouring the confidentiality of our translation services, if the need arises, after taking into consideration all the terms and conditions of the agreement.

We strive to provide our services on or before deadline. We provide high-quality translation services as per industry standards and have hardly missed any deadlines to date. In situations of unavoidable delay, our customers are communicated immediately to avoid any losses or repercussions due to the delay in the English-Russian translation service. We value your need for the translation services and strive to live up to the high expectations placed on us by our valued customers.