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English Russian Oil and Gas Translation Services

Translation of texts, documents, websites, videos on energy, oil and gas.

Are You looking for professional English Russian Oil and Gas translation services? Need to translate a document, website, or video? Look for native-speaking English or Russian translator proficient in Oil and Gas?

The Oil and Gas industries involve different kinds of engineering solutions and technologies that require precise and accurate translation. It implies the necessity of deep knowledge of energy sector and relevant technical terminology. That’s why our technical translators are not just linguists but are holders of bachelor and master degrees in energy sector who have a real work experience in the Oil and Gas fields.

To ensure the productivity, revenue and safety in Oil and Gas business, one of the major determinant - communication between multilingual parties - should be clear, smooth, and professional. That’s why we cooperate not just with translators, but with genuine industry experts with excellent knowledge of drilling, exploration, subsea operations, petrochemical, Crude Oil and Gas mining, production, transportation, refining, separation, treatment, and handling.

Most of the translators had an actually hands-on experience at oilfields, offshore oil rigs and on-shore facilities and marine terminals, tank farms and refineries, gas compressor stations and crude oil pumping stations. They are absolutely competent in the oil and gas sector and are able to deliver superb quality professional translation with first-time accuracy for translated content.

Russia is one of the major producer, supplier and shipper of oil and gas. There are millions of barrels of crude oil and gas pumped every day and shipped across the border via tankers, trunk pipelines, or railroad to Europe, USA, and UK. Apart from Russia, there are many other countries where the oil and gas industry is growing rapidly. Since this sector is global the communication between languages should be effective and error-free.

We translate all kinds of documents, including but not limited to the following:

  • AutoCAD Drawings

  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals

  • Equipment and User Manuals

  • Health and Safety Manuals

  • Upstream documents (exploration and production)

  • Downstream documents (refining and commercialization)

  • Material Safety Data Sheets

  • Strategic assessments

  • Business contracts

  • Oil and gas transportation documents

  • Drilling Expedition Reports

  • Social Impact Assessments

  • Insurance Policies

  • Press Releases

  • Annual, Quarterly, Weekly Company Reports

  • Marketing Brochures

  • Catalogs

  • Patents

  • Technical Specifications

  • Civil Engineering Documents

  • Training Handbooks

  • Website Translation

  • HSE Reports

  • Quality Procedures


Oil and Gas are primarily used for production and generation of energy – for running motors, generators, power stations, compressors, etc. But it is used not only as a raw product but also as a base for producing and manufacturing all kinds of goods. For example, Petroleum is used as a component in the production of plastics, chemicals, or synthetic materials that are part of our everyday life. With the global expansion and coverage of oil and gas industry the importance of translation of documents in this sector is paramount.

Every translation is carried out by industry expert with a deep knowledge of your subject matter. If you need to keep your information confidential the Non-disclosure agreement will ensure the privacy of your sensitive material. We help companies, corporations, and individuals with English Russian translation of documents, websites, and videos in the Oil and Gas sector for your in-country and global communications, on time and on budget.



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Professional oil and gas translation from English to Russian, from Russian to English

English Russian Oil and Gas Translations
Russia covers a vast majority of the globe compared to other countries. It could almost be called a continent since its southern border runs along the most of Asia. In spite of being such a massive land with so many speaking the same language, Russian can be a tough one to learn for international entrepreneurs as well as global companies, especially in the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas industry is far reaching worldwide; hence, there is a need in accurate and concise translations. If a company is presented with inaccurate translation, all operations may suffer and it may result in minor or major failure. 

Our English-Russian translation services are undoubtedly one of the best around. We offer professional oil and gas translations from English to Russian and from Russian to English. The real challenge is learning technical words and phrases and speaking them in flawless Russian. If you need to translate English Russian documents related to the oil and gas industry we are here to help you. We can tell you with confidence that our translation experts are proficient in this area, which ensures you will receive high-quality English-Russian translation.

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Here are some reasons why you should try our English Russian translation services.

·         We are highly efficient.
Is translation of oil and gas industry documents what you are looking for? No problem! Our team is very hard working and they will not fail to deliver high quality results within short period of time. Give us any valid deadline and we will get back to you with completed project well ahead of it. Our company does not allow mediocre work to pass on as “completed” so we take our time to give you the best results. When it comes to time management and quality of the final piece, we focus more on the latter so that our clients are never dissatisfied with our translation services in English and Russian.

·         We charge reasonably. 
Due to our high qualifications, you might think we charge a great amount for translation of your project. In reality, our company makes sure you get a high-quality resuls at an affordable and negotiable price. We charge based on the number of words in your documents to be translated to Russian and English and all other major world languages. It also depends on the type of text we translate. Oil and gas translations, for example, are charged differently in comparison with general translation.

·         We have native speakers waiting to help you.
We have a dedicated group of experts who will gladly aid you in translations from Russian to English and vice versa. There are different experts focusing on different fields when it comes to oil and gas Russian English translation. In this case, we have highly skilled translators who will help you with translation of oil and gas industry related documents. Every expert at our disposal have not less than a Bachelor degree in linguistics which guarantees that our translators are all qualified. Needless to say, we are quite easy to work with, and everyone is welcome for any inquiry or support. We are willing cooperate with you and accept your comments and suggestions.