Bioengineering or Robotized future

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Bioengineering is gaining momentum nowadays. And we are becoming witnesses of global robotisation of numerous industrial processes. Every day we are using smart phones, touch pads, PCs, car locks, elevators and other automatic devices which are indispensable in our business and private life.

About 30 years ago we could not even imagine how sweeping and overwhelming the integration of electronics into our daily life would be in the relatively near future. Now we cannot even think of being somewhere without the customary electronic tools. By and large it is due to the habit that we all get into on a day by day basis. We choose the convenient and easy life and its useful attributes which actually makes this life easier.

Another class of electronic devices which tends to become more involved in human life is a class of robots. Robots are all the more engaged in industry and now in our homes. Robots are actively and heavily used in car industry, construction, engineering, transportation and other areas of life. Its use is also growing in our domestic services. We call it smart homes. Robots can now cook for us, wash dishes, clean the rooms and do a lot of other things at our own discretion.

Yes, we feel more at ease when we know that robots can things for us. But shall we feel comfortable when we come to the fact that robots can do everything for us and literally replace us - humans?

I don’t think it is a funny thing to be useless, right!  But! There is always a way out!

And in case with robots or any other technique we must know that any so called smart devices or tool were and are designed, developed and constructed by humans. Yes, the multiple duplication is done by robots but all the engineering and making is done by humans.

And we should also learn that NO ROBOT can replicate itself unless it has been programmed! And NO ROBOT shall have a will to do anything, as it is widely propagated by Hollywood movies, unless it has a soul or a spirit. Humans have both soul and spirit, so spirit-less robots can NEVER replace humans!

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