From Freelancer to Translation Company

Grow from a Freelancer into a Translation Company

Are you a Freelancer looking for ways and methods to find more clients? Are you overwhelmed with translation requests coming from numerous foreign customers? Do you want to change your life style and go to the next level? Do you want to become a manager of your business rather an employee or a freelancer?

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You can be more than just a Freelancer

Many linguists working as a sole proprietors wanted at one time or another to become something more than just a freelance translator. It is not that a freelance job does not bring any profit – No! Some of the freelancers made their fortune just doing their ordinary work, translating millions of words for Oil and Gas sector.

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But you can still bring some variety to your work and life by making yourself a manager or a translation business owner. I saw some of the translators working for translation agencies in UK and other countries leave the companies that they worked for and open their own business – their own translation companies.

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Experience Matters

They just used their vast experience gained during their work in a company and implemented the acquired knowledge in building a team and creating something that works for themselves, not for somebody else. To start your own business is not that difficult as it may seem at first sight. Undoubtedly you should have an experience that will allow you to be confident in your decisions and bold and ambitious enough in attaining your goals. You should not only be aware of challenges that might come across on your way but also have some practice in overcoming them. That can be obtained in working as a freelancer or as a manager in an English Russian Translation company in London.

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What should I start with?

If you are a seasoned freelancer you may ask yourself a question: what should I start with to become an owner of translation company? First, you have to make sure you can build a solid team of professional translators or translation teams. By the way, the contracting of translation teams or small translation companies may also be very advantageous for you. It is very helpful because they will substitute any managers in your company and will manage all translation projects for you. In hiring translation teams you will be able to outsource all laborious management works to the team.

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Build Your Team

But when you employ translation teams you have to be sure they will do the job perfectly because your company’s image and your own image will solely depend on their honesty and diligence. If they fail, you will fail too. If they succeed, you will succeed too! So, first of all, you have to find the best translators whom you could trust your projects to without doubt or suspicion. Most likely, you will be able to find ones among your colleagues or even those translators whom you supervised when you worked yourself as a manager in a translation company. You could get a database of translators and make friends with them during your regular work in a company. For a freelancer it would be easy to build a team from among his friends and colleagues, both online and offline. Remember – translators are your most valuable asset!

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Choose Convenient Jurisdiction

Second is making your business legal. You have to choose the right and the most convenient legal entity. You have to select a country for registering your business without administrative hiccups. In this regard you have to keep in mind both the brand (if you want and plan to grow) and taxation (if you plan to expand your business abroad). The registration of your company in UK or USA will add weight to your brand. But it may also incur some overhead charges and taxes. So, for a start-up you can register your company in a different country with less popularity but with more advantageous business climate.

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Promote Your Business

Third is promotion of your business. And it can be no less daunting for any novice. However, it could be easier if you have your permanent clients and you can get a regular job. But it can be a different matter if you start your business promotion from scratch. It will take months to get at least some of the requests for translation, unless you had already made contacts with people who need your Russian English translation services.

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It is absolutely possible to become a business owner and start your own translation business but you have to get prepared, know challenges and learn how to overcome them.