Future of Power Generation and Russian Inventors!

Future of power generation and Russian inventors

Present day devices and equipment display major advancing in implementation of the boldest ideas in communication world and in conquest of the world market.

We are now witnesses of how the fairy stories are coming to life and become reality.

Space shuttles, space walks, mobile phones, WI-FI, and many more things have been quite normal for humanity for the last several decades! We are stepping over to the next phase of scientific development and achievements when people will be able to fly between countries much faster than they fly now by airplanes, and where the data transfer will be more effective and faster than it is now.

Tesla Coils are being used very frequently for distribution and magnifying the power supply to a large number of power consumers. Ether can be used for power generation as well as for instant data transmission. This is what has always been sought after for getting cost effective and powerful resources for everyday human activities.

Currently we are using different technologies which largely depend on regular topping up of fuel and energy, like gasoline or batteries. Even the hybrid electrical or purely electrical engines still need the recharging for continuous driving. Another option is nuclear energy. It is powerful and long lasting. However the radiation is harmful and unpredictable.

So, along with Oil and Gas dependent and battery recharging engines we may have nuclear engines which can provide a very lasting and continuous operation. But the consequences of using such type of engine are very negative, which make scientific heads to think of another means for eternal and permanent source of energy.

This may be the use of Ether we are having around us. It is really powerful but invisible. Some people like Mr. Tesla have already tried it and found it very useful and abounding in energy.

I am sure that Russian scientists have also found the ways to use Ether for energy generation.

A large number of inventions were made in Russia, though. Recently, central Russian TV showed a home-made laboratory where people were using the local garbage for fuel (crude oil) generation and producing pretty clean and refined fuel for vehicle engines to drive.

Many other inventions were also made in Russia, like mechanical and magnetic perpetum mobile.

Such productivity and creativity of Russian scientists make Russian people demanded in international technology development projects where Russian engineers show great practical knowledge in all areas.

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