Globalization. Sharing or Merging?

Updated: May 2, 2019

Globalization - sharing or merging?

The World is rotating around the big idea of global integration of everything and anything, that what we call Globalization!

At first sight this endeavor looks promising and groundbreaking. The word itself implies union, joining together for attaining the superb goal or joint creation of an environment where people would share their ideas, views, life experience and works.

Is it really so good or there is something more to it or there is something different behind it?

Globalization, according to Wikipedia, is the process of international integration, interchange of views, ideas and products and other cultural aspects of the world. It also says that it generates the interdependence of economic and cultural activities.

Anyway the implication of the word Globalization is the process of collective sharing of individual or corporate achievements or attributes on a global scale. However the Globalization also means the interdependence where consequently each individual becomes dependent on somebody else’s influence. And so in order to overcome this dependence the person should become the host or a leader in this Globalization movement.

The same concept relates to companies and corporations. That’s why companies merge and smaller companies are overtaken by bigger companies. On the one hand it gives a lot of opportunities for Monopolies and on the other hand it imparts more vulnerability and dependence to less fortunate companies or individuals.

So it is very important to have a balance between individual independence and interdependence of more influential individual or community.

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