International Companies in Russian Federation

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

What Russia is famous for?

Russia is famous not only for Matreshkas (nested Russian doll), white bears, and Shapka-Ushanka (fur cap with ear-flaps), but also for great business opportunities. And, by the way, it is not just mineral deposits and natural resources. Undoubtedly, the production of crude oil and gas in Russia has always been the lion share of all sources for making money in this country and number one business opportunity for foreign investors.

Farming as opposed to Oil and Gas

Within the last decades we see some more emerging industries that are no less profitable for those running business in Russia or planning to do so. Agriculture or farming is one of such industries. It is not that agriculture was not developed in Russia, but within the last thirty years it has definitely changed. During the Soviet Union existence the harvested land belonged to the State, not to people, and nobody could own a field. The only piece of land that an individual was allowed to own was the near-house small piece of kitchen garden more like a backyard, never exceeding one hectare.

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Opportunity to Invest and Buy

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the private property came up. And came the opportunity to invest and buy. It became possible to buy and sell lands, fields, and resources. The most enterprising and entrepreneurial people seized the moment and initiated their businesses across Russia. Borders opened and it gave way to a flood of interested investors from USA, UK, and EU countries. Now we see many foreign companies growing their fruits and vegetables and crops all over Russia. Seeding and harvesting crops is the major farming business in Russia due to the enormity of plowed lands. One of the biggest companies that is doing its business in Russia in farming is Monsanto.

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Russian Silicon Valley - Skolkovo

Information Technology is another industry that is being successfully developed in Russia. I is worth to say that most of technologies being used in Russia were brought in by outside companies like Microsoft and HP. There is a Skolkovo project (Russian Hi-Tech village or Silicon Valley for start-ups in various technologies, from purely technical to social) where local and foreign engineers, young and seasoned, could apply their knowledge and experience and get involved in brand new inventions for the future of the country and world. In this regard, the Technical Russian English translation will be much required.

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Pharmaceutical Business thriving in Russia

Pharmacy is also rising out of ashes and become one of the leading industries in Russia. Pharmaceutical laboratories scattered across the entire Russian territory are testing new compounds and producing new medicines based on successful tests. Among other companies, AstraZeneca is one of the major companies that contributed to development of pharmaceutical industry in Russia. To translate a document you will have to request for Russian to English medical translation.

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Russian English Translations for Business Communications

In view of the above the need in communication between the interested parties is demanded on a daily bases. It is the matter of English Russian document translation, website translation, and video interpreting. Online and offline communications are necessary for building relationships, promoting products and services, and developing businesses in Russia.

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