Pay or not to pay - that's the question

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Customers looking for Cheap English Russian translation - are you one of them?

Many customers come for cheap or even free translation. It is really curious to see the clients request for translation for a couple of bucks, even though it is clearly told on the home page and on every other page that the translation has certain cost, and it is not a handful of bucks.

AI is dumping the prices for English Russian translation services

This kind of perception of translation services by people is very much conditioned by automated and online translation tools and resources, like Google translate, Amazon translate or CAT tools like SDL Trados and many other computer aided and AI driven mediums.

How to translate a document from English to Russian for big Oil and Gas project?

Does Quality matter to you?

People got used to modern technologies and are not so much bothered about the quality. I remember when people say: “…please translate this document in a few words to know what it is about…”. Another customer asked for translation of a pretty big document, about the use of some technology. I replied to him with my price quote. Within half an hour he came back, saying: “No need for translation. I have already translated it using APP on my cell phone”.

Where can I find German to Russian translation for my technical documents?

Well, what’s wrong with people? Why then do you request for translation if you can do it easily using your smart phone app? Why do you think that translation agency will do the translation for free? Or why do think that translation is something that can be done without efforts?

Professional Russian English translation always costs

Professional translation is always costly as it involves the human work. Of course, the cost for labor may differ from country to country, but it will never be free. The only free translation you can get via Google translate, or instant translation tool on your smart phone. You can use the app for translating your text or document. The app can also be used for voice record and interpreting for you online. You can also scan your document and process it through the online translation tool and see the middling quality translation in the output.

How can I find professional Russian translation services for my corporate needs?

It is not that artificial intelligence has not been modified and developed over the years, but any automated and automatic or robotized service is limited by the data it is provided with. Unless stuffed with necessary and relevant information any AI tool will only produce what it was loaded with.

AI Translation is good for translation of general text

AI is not creative and does not think. It only processes the information. Well, of course there could be many examples of good translation found in Google translate. If the subject is general the English to Russian translation can be more or less acceptable and can be well used by anyone. Likewise, when you translate from Russian to English, Google translate can produce rather decent translation, if the subject matter is not engineering, legal, or medical.

There is another kind of text that no AI will cope with for so far. It is the translation of books, whether it is a biography, or science fiction. No artificial tool can transmit the author’s thought in a creative way that will sound entertaining and natural to the reader’s ear. So, it is your choice – to use the automated translation tool for instant translation but not be bound with quality requirements or use the human translation, which can cost some money, but it will meet all your specific project requirements and quality assurance standards.

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