Quality matters

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Free or Paid translation service

Nobody wants to use a service of secondary quality. Same refers to English Russian translation services. You may use a Free App on your cell phone for your translations unless it is critical for business or legal purposes. Or you can use Google translate as a handy tool for your urgent translation needs which could be a perfect solution for instant and I-need-to-know-right-now occasions. The AI apps are mostly good for rough overview of the source text in your target language, whether it is Russian, English, or any other language.

Humans makes Machines, not vice versa

People often come with big files and ask for translation without the slightest idea of how much it could cost. Probably they think we are like an app translating for free or for at least a penny or a couple of bucks. This customer’s attitude has by and large been conditioned by the significant influx of all sorts of artificial intelligence inventions, including the online translation apps, into our everyday life. Very often, and now more frequently, we do not even think of how great an effort was taken to create that app or how much it was taken to import the data into the app for our convenient and easy use, and that it was all done by a human, not a robot.

How can I find a professional French to Russian translation services for my large international project?

English Russian translators are the ones who make your life easier

However smart the app or any other online translation tool could be, any fancy invention or software that is used on this planet earth was not made “out-of-nothing” or “by itself”. All of the conveniences that use are made by humans. The same could be said about Russian English translation resources. They are all made by human programmers, developers, and… translators! IT specialists or just freelancers created a medium or environment and inserted the result of the human translators’ toil into that database. That’s how any product of artificial intelligence works.

Where can I find Norwegian to Russian translation provider for my company?

Human Translators can do more than robots

Now, if you are not satisfied with what the online free translation tool provides, you can request for human translation services and get a guaranteed high-quality translation. Or, if you translated something via app and want to make sure everything is fine you can send it to a translation company for their review and editing. Yes, the human translation is not free and translation agency will charge you some amount for either translation from scratch or for post-editing. But in working with humans you will have a chance to edit, localize, and adapt your text at any stage of translation and resolve literally any issues related to translation.

Where can I get a high-quality document translation from English to Russian for my personal needs?

Russian English human translation at your service

Human translators may also use Computer Aided Tools (CAT) but in case with human translation every sentence will be checked for errors, omissions or irrelevance. In this regard you can rest assured the final translated text will sound like an original but in tune with the target language culture and worldview. Whatever you translate – document, website, or video – trust your valuable assets to professional English Russian translation services provider.

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