Russian translation in Oil and Gas Industry

Updated: May 2, 2019

Russian translation in oil and gas industry

Demand in Russian language translation for Oil and Gas industry

Russia has been a major producer and supplier of Oil and Gas.

Oil fields located in Syberia, Far East, and Caucasus produce millions of barrels per day. Most of the Russian Oil has been shipped by tankers to other countries from Marine Terminals in Black Sea (e.g. Caspian Pipeline Consortium, Transneft).

Russian Gas deposits are immense, so it makes Russia a key player in international gas market. The abundance of natural resources and the experience in handling, treatment and refining of crude oil make Russian specialists very demanded in other oil tapping projects worldwide.

Companies like Lukoil participate in and manage major international oil production projects in Southern America, Africa and Asia.

Since Russian people are heavily involved in global oil production companies and international projects the need in Russian translation grows proportionately. Russian translation services are requested at all project phases – civil works, construction, building, installation, commissioning and start-up.

To get high-quality Oil and Gas Russian translation service one has to look for professional Russian translator or Russian Translation Company specializing in this specific area of expertise.

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