Russian Translation Prices

From $0.06 USD

From as low as 0.06USD per source word.

Russian + 20 languages

We translate between Russian and over 20 other languages

100+ Translators in Your Sector

Over 100 native-speaking translators qualified and experienced in your industry.

Best English Russian translation prices

  • From as low as 60 USD per project

  • From as low as 0.06 USD per source word

  • No VAT

  • 5% TO 10% discount

  • FREE test translation of 150 - 300 words


English Russian Translation rates per word


$0.06 USD

  • Translation by Native-speaking Translator

  • Proofreading by second linguist

  • Formatting (DTP)

  • Post-delivery updates and corrections


$0.07 USD

  •  Translation by English or Russian translator

  • Quality Assurance check by proofreader/editor

  • Formatting (DTP)

  • Post-delivery updates and corrections 


$0.08 USD

  •  Translation by professional linguist proficient in your sector

  • Quality Control throughout the entire translation process

  • Double check by industrial expert in your area of expertise

  • Formatting (DTP)

  • Post-delivery updates and corrections 

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Our company offers the most competitive rates and pricing for our high-quality Russian to English and English to Russian translation services. For a low price of 0.06 USD per source word, you will get professional and accurate translation. We guarantee that our translators are the best in their field, that is why you can expect results that will meet your every expectation.

Competitive Pricing Formation
We base our rates on various factors. No two Russian to English translation is alike, which is why we formulated a fair way to determine our pricing. Some of our factors include the following:

·         Size of the Project. Project size means the total number of words of a particular translation job. For general translations, our rate per word source is 0.06 USD. For specialized translations, we charge 0.065 Euro cents per word. Meanwhile, we charge 0.07 USD per word for highly technical translation projects. We offer discounts for over 50,000 words.

·         Language Pair and Combination. Some languages are more difficult to translate than others. We also based our prices on the complexity of your chosen language pair. We charge more for languages that are harder to translate.

·         Expertise. Our fields of expertise are groups into three. They are general, specialized and high-tech translations. General translations include fields such as Art, Culinary, Media, Fashion, Travel, Entertainment, Advertising and more. Specialized fields include Business, Legal, Medical, Finance, Computers and other. High-tech fields of expertise include Nuclear, Physics, Defense, Aerospace and more. We charge less for general translation jobs and we charge higher for specialized and high-tech fields.

·         Project Duration. Our company is sensitive when it comes to meeting deadlines. Therefore, we consider it when it comes to pricing our projects. We charge less for longer deadlines and we charge higher rates for rush projects or deadlines that are due in a short period of time.

·         Format and Layout. We also base our prices on the complexity of the final layout and format of the translation project. Since we aim to translate your job orders based on the documents you submit to us, we see to it that we produce the same results in a different language. Our rates are higher for image-heavy formats while we charge a lower rate for projects that are text-heavy.

Aside from these factors, we may include others that may affect any RussianEnglish translation. Our prices are flexible as well as negotiable. We will draft a proposal and computation before the start of any project. We will only push through with the project if both parties agree on the terms and conditions as well as the rates.

We Offer a Free Online Quotation
If you are in the process of canvassing prospective translation companies, we can help you with your inquiries. Part of our Russian translation services is providing new, existing and prospective clients with a free online quotation. Send us an e-mail at and we will respond to your inquiries and requests as soon as possible. You can also fill out our Online Quotation Request Form to simplify your request.