Privacy Policy for Russian Translation

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Confidentiality of English Russian translation

Our company values our clients. We ensure that they are satisfied with our services as well as the output we produce. Therefore, we are dedicated in providing our clients with protection and security. We strive to maintain an utmost confidentiality as well as privacy in order to keep your project strictly between us.


Confidentiality Statement for English Russian translation

Privacy Policy for English Russian and Russian English translations

Confidentiality is our Commitment
We maintain our integrity through our excellent service as well as our commitment to our clients’ privacy. Any information, translation materials, documents and any type of Russian translation from the client shall not be redistributed, reproduced, rented or sold to any other parties. This information has a sole purpose of fulfilling a specified translation project for the client.

In order to protect your privacy and confidentiality, our Russian translators are required to sign a non-disclosure statement that forbids the disclosure of any information related to the ongoing as well as finished translation projects. The protection period of all client information depends on the stipulation and agreement of our company and the client.

Information Collection
There is several data that we collect and do not collect. We collect your information from the forms that you fill out when you request for a free quotation, place a translation job order and the e-mail data you send us. However, we do not collect data from your credit or debit card, bank account details and social security number. We will never collect any sensitive data from you against your will. Our Russian translation services are paid through third party vendors such as 2checkout, PayPal.

Why is there a Need for Your Information?
Our company does not collect information without any purpose. We guarantee that our operations and the way we do things are for our clients’ benefits. Some of the reasons why we need certain client data include the following:

Personalized experience 

We take pride in providing a personalized service for each of our clients. In order to maintain this kind of service, we need your client information. It enables us to reach out to you in a more personal way. In addition, the information you supply gives us an opportunity to understand and cater to your needs.

Customer Service

We have a dedicated pool of customer service personnel and experienced translators who are trained to respond to any type of client inquiries. Each English to Russian translator has the ability to help you with your translation needs because of the information you gave us.

Regular Updates 

Since some translation jobs can take a long while before they are completed, we required your contact information in order to give you regular updates. We also use your information to be able to inform you if your project is already completed.

Aside from these reasons, we also required your information for processing your orders in a timely manner.

You are in Good Hands
Our company guarantees that your information is in good hands. We implement strict security measures in order to keep your data protected and private. You do not have to worry about any information leak, since each of our translators and personnel is committed to the same goal of protecting our clients’ interests.