Quality Assurance of Russian Translation

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Russian translation quality control

  • Compliance and adherence to ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038

  • Quality Control thoughout the entire translation process

  • Terminology Base Creation

  • Quality Check by the second linguist

  • Quality Assurance by Industry Expert

  • Qualified and Certified In-house and Freelance Translators

  • Project Assesment and Management

  • CAT (Computer Aided) Tools


Quality Management for English Russian translation

Multi-tiered quality control of English Russian translation

Commitment to Quality
English-Russian Translations is committed to providing the highest quality language solutions in translation industry.
To deliver high-quality technical translation services to our customers, we follow a rigorous Quality Assurance Procedure in compliance with ISO 9001 and EN 15038, which implies the process of collaboration, communication, verification, evaluation and feedback regardless of the size of your project. In this way, we make certain that both the service you receive and the final product are to your satisfaction.

​Qualified Project Team
Our professionally qualified linguists adhere to our strict quality guidelines to ensure linguistic accuracy, correct terminology and top quality translations with a true cultural affinity.
We employ only experienced language professionals qualified within their specific areas of specialization. Our qualified language experts are native speakers of the target language with a science degree and experience in the appropriate industry, some with over 20 years of experience.
Our professional translators specializing in specific technical and scientific translation consistently display superior performance and quality results assuring our customers of precision, clarity and appropriateness of terminology as well as correct and ‘natural-sounding’ translation.
We also collaborate with bilingual engineers and scientists as well as field experts with expert-level language skills who act as consultants and researchers. Their profound knowledge of your industry helps keep us up to date with the latest developments in the field and further ensure an accurate product.

​Project Assessment
We practice individual approach for each project, which assures rendering of the most consistent and accurate translation for your target market. 
We identify your source and target languages, nature of the subject matter, analyze the language difficulty, calculate your word count, verify your target audiences, check the text for embedded graphics and drawings, clarify what items should be left untranslated, set deadlines, and determine deliverables.
In order to create a detailed, customized quote for your project, we work closely with you to determine the scope and specifications of your project. We then liaise with our translator or team of translators to schedule resources and identify any project-specific issues that need to be addressed. And finally the collected information is consolidated to produce a final quote and timetable that we review with you to meet your requirements.

​Project Management
Upon your approval of the deadlines and quote, your project shall be assigned to a project manager (PM) coordinating the effort along the streamlined workflow and managing the process to completion. The PM appoints a linguist team, qualified specialists in the specific project’s subject matter, which includes a translator, editor and proofreader and DTP specialist if needed. The PM is responsible for communicating all project details to each linguist and for ensuring your project stays on schedule.
The source and target texts shall be archived for future reference, along with the project specific glossaries of technical terms compiled during the translation process. Thus we are well prepared for your next assignment.
Each project shall be allocated to and translated by professionally qualified translator or translators specializing in the project specific field. Translators shall be advised to follow Terms and Conditions describing all required quality aspects including grammatical correctness, right vocabulary, terminology consistency, handling with formatting and layout etc. and also required to preserve original formatting and layout. If required, we employ subject matter experts to help the translator(s) with industry-specific terminology. Once the translation is complete it will be forwarded to an editor for examining the translation for consistency, completeness, and accuracy, and proofread by a qualified translator who performs a linguistic review of the translated and edited document, checks the translated text for readability, consistency, and style, and finally formatted by a DTP specialist using a desktop publishing software, where we insert your translated text into your desired layout, ensuring the translated foreign language document matches the original document.
We shall maintain continual contact with you at all stages of the project via e-mail or telephone to discuss in depth any questions that may arise, ensuring that any changes are incorporated into the project and any technical or logistic issues are dealt with quickly.

​Terminology Management
Terminology management is vital to translation quality and we place great emphasis on building and validating client glossaries. These glossaries are applied to all projects for the same client to ensure consistency and value.
To ensure the consistency of technical terms within the translated document as well as for future translation projects from the same client we ask the client for any available project-specific glossary to be used by translators.
If the client does not provide us with any project-specific glossaries we may ask the client to validate some terms that will be used in the target document and compile our own project-specific glossary with client’s assistance.
The use of client and project-specific glossary and terminology database combined with our translators’ linguistic expertise ensures consistency and accuracy of translation and guarantees that you receive a product that is not only technically accurate but also appropriate for your target audience.

​​Translation Tools
To ensure efficient performance and consistent terminology and style in the translation process as well as the proper completion and delivery of our services we use Computer Aided Translation Tools (CAT)/Translation Memory software. CAT Tool allows us to create and develop client and project-specific glossary and terminology database.
Thus, we do our best to provide individual quality assurance for each project we work on. We use translation memory tools to provide even more consistency of terminology and style. This is especially important for user manuals and similar texts where many fragments are repeated or very similar.

To make sure that everything takes place on schedule and conforms to the project requirements and all details are attended we shall interact closely with you and provide you with status reports and project updates throughout the project life cycle. We shall discuss all aspects of the project to make sure that the final product meets your specifications and is to your satisfaction.

We welcome client feedback regarding our projects and performance. This gives the client an opportunity to assess our work product and contribute to improvements. Our goal is to have you get complete value for your money and keep coming back to us for all your technical translation needs.

We follow strict confidentiality procedure to ensure the security of our client’s business information. We exercise stringent confidential practice and handle all client documents with strict confidentiality but if required we are happy to sign any standard Non Disclosure Agreement, or Confidentiality statement, or Privacy Policy document with you prior to the receipt of the material for translation.
As an additional step to ensure the confidentiality of our client’s information our translators sign an internal Non Disclosure Agreement. Also if you are not comfortable to receive files electronically through e-mail we can securely transfer them via FTP.
In case you have special requirements on confidentiality, please inform us in advance so that we offer you an individual confidentiality solution and take appropriate measures to protect your business information and execute your translation assignment in absolute confidentiality.
If you have confidential work or if you have any questions please contact us to make inquires.