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Are You looking for professional Russian English translation services? Do you need to translate a document, website, or video from Russian to English? Do you need it fast and within your budget?

Our team of 100+ professional native-speaking in-house and freelance linguists and subject matter experts provide accurate, high-quality Russian to English translation services in your specific sector. We are ready to attend to and meet any of your Russian English translation need. Whether you have to translate a legal document, maintenance manual, film scripts, business contracts, or a science fiction book, we are able to handle your translation project, whatever volume and subject.

We serve our customers with:

  • 100+ professional native-speaking Russian English translators

  • From as low as $0.06 USD per source word

  • Accurate translation with fast turnaround times

  • Full compliance with ISO 9001 Quality Management

  • Proficiency in translation for Your specific industry

  • Resources to handle large volumes within tight deadlines

  • Professional in-house and freelance native-speaking translators

What sets us apart from other translation companies is that we help companies, noncommercial organizations, global brands and private individuals to communicate and succeed in the local and global market place. Our experts are not only native speakers of Russian or English, but they are proficient in your specific subject and qualified for translation in your particular sector, be it Science, Technology, IT, Telecom, AI, Oil and Gas, Aeronautics, Marine, Geology, Biology, Farming, Healthcare, Finance, Business, Travel and Tourism, Real Estate, Retail and Wholesale, and more sectors!

All our Russian English translators are not only native to the target language, but they also must have at least 6 years of proven translation experience. All of our linguists are going through a rigorous test and certification and qualification verification before they could be assigned with any translation projects.

Every Russian to English translation project goes through a strict multi-tiered quality control check to make sure the translation is 100% accurate and clear of any grammatical mistakes and typos. The quality assurance process complies with ISO 9001 and ISO 17100.

Whatever the multilingual challenges you may have our team of proven industry-expert linguists and full-time project managers will ensure that the final product we deliver is second to none. We offer a broad range of services, ranging from document and website translation to book translation and copywriting services.



From $0.06 USD

From as low as 0.06USD per source word

Quality Assurance

Quality Control in compliance with ISO 17100:2015 and EN 15038 

 All Industries

Business, Finance, Medicine, Law, Oil and Gas, IT, Engineering, Media

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Russian and English Translators

Over 1000 professional native-speaking in-house and freelance translators

Quality Assurance and Management

Quality control in compliance with ISO and EN

Double check by industrial expert

Professional Qualification

Professional linguists qualified for translation  in your specific field.

Affordable Prices

Best market prices for English Russian translation - from as low as $0.05 USD p.s.w.

Secure Storage and Transfer

We store and transfer data and files in compliance with GDRP regulation.

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Professional Russian English translation for your individual and corporate needs

Russian to English translation for International Communications

Most of the spoken language is English and when it is about international business relations or major global projects English language is a must for all communications. Undoubtedly there are a number of other languages as well that are spoken by billions. Another language that deserves our attention is Chinese. But still the English language is officially used worldwide. So, in case with projects within the territory of Russian Federation we translate all official documents into English. 

Legal Translation from Russian to English

There are a number of fields in which international business has been succeeding. One of the major field is Oil and Gas. It is the major sector that the whole Russia depends on. The production (mining, tapping, transportation) of crude oil and compressed gas brings huge profit to the country. However, it should be noted, that the entire process is performed by companies which one way or the other belong to foreign jurisdictions. Even the big giant like Gazprom has been shared among shareholders who has their origin far from Russia. Such dependency on international laws and regulations necessitates the Russian to English legal translation services in negotiations, communications, contract conclusions, agreement, establishment of terms and conditions for a particular project.

Document Translation from Russian to English

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia opened its borders for international business and technologies. Companies from USA, Switzerland, and UK flooded the country. And since 1990 Russia has become a huge Euro-Asia marketplace. Now we have thousands of foreign companies running their business in Russia. All technological break-troughs in the world became Russia’s heritage as well. After the global redistribution of functions of most countries (WTO is one of such regulators) Russia became the major supplier of natural resources. At this point, all kinds of translation of documents from Russian to English and vice versa became number one priority for both commercial and non-commercial companies. 

Russian to English Translation Company

In order to cope with so much information transmitted and communicated between the parties, Russian and European, companies need the services of a professional Russian English translation company. Over the last decades Russian market has been filled with hundreds of thousands of commercial and business companies that brought to Russia the great popularity and demand. Demand in various natural resources that Russia abounds and getting profit from selling those very resources. It is interesting to note that Russia has opened its borders for foreign companies from different industrial sectors that literally occupied every corner of Russia’s land and market economy. 

Russian to English Translator

In order to communicate with those companies it is required to have Russian English translators either contracted or employed. In-house or employed translators or interpreters are good for large industrial projects when it requires the translation of a great number of documents (daily reports, operation and maintenance manuals, daily correspondence, various certifications and qualifications of works and methods). Freelance translators are better for one-off projects or for a limited scope project under some frame agreement where the need for translation services is casual and sporadic. When choosing the translator for in-house working inside the company look for some professional and experienced linguist qualified in translation from Russian to English within your field of expertise. Same with a freelancer. But you can hire a company that would work like an in-house translator for you!

Technical Translation Russian to English

Considering the fact that Russia has become an industrial giant due to its immense deposits of natural resources it is important to note that the demand for Russian to English translations in Oil and Gas, Information Technology, Pharmacy and Medicine, Farming and Agriculture, Bio-engineering, and Aerospace, has increased greatly. Undoubtedly those companies engaged in those sectors have already cared for getting the professional translators for their projects. However, there is still a great need in real human translation of their business and commercial documents in multitudes. All those fields can be described as technical areas o expertise. That’s where the technical document translation from Russian to English is demanded.

Medical Translation from Russian to English

Translation of medical documents from Russian to English is one of our priority translations. We care both about your health and communication. Good and quality communication between patient and doctor, between the treated person and the clinic provides for successful surgical operation, treatment, and healthcare. So we take all efforts and do our best to help you recover and get understood by those help you. Whether you need the translation of just a sentence or the entire report on several pages in Russian that you want to have translated into English, or you have a CAT scan or MRI on hand that needs to be interpreted by a foreign doctor we ensure you will get the same professional language assistance as you would get a professional help at clinics in Israel, Germany, Austria, or South Korea.

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