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Professional English Russian Translation Services in your industry. Translation of documents, websites, and videos.

Are You looking for professional English Russian translation in Your specific sector? Do you need to translate a document, website, or video for your business or industry? Looking for a professional translator understanding your subject matter and able to handle your project?

We as a team of certified and experienced linguists provide accurate and high quality translation services across various industries. Our qualified language experts will meet your specific industry requirements, no matter how unique your translation project is and what sector you work in.

All our translators have an industry specific background with years of experience in your sector. They have a thorough understanding of various production, engineering, and business processes, as well as an expertise in such areas as jurisdiction, finance, international trade or medicine. With at least 6 years of experience, each English or Russian translator understands every aspect of your sector, whether it is engineering, technology, IT, business, Oil and Gas, pharmacy, or aeronautics.

Qualified human resources and the use of the state-of-the-art technology allow us to provide services that will suit your budget, language, and your area of expertise. From document and website translation to video voice over and subtitling, to copywriting, we offer one-stop and comprehensive solution for your industry. Perfect understanding of the specific subject matter terminology, high skill and appropriate qualification ensures the delivery of the most professional and accurate service.

Some of the sectors we are proficient in:

  • Advertising

  • Engineering

  • Technology

  • Business

  • Jurisprudence

  • Medicine

  • Finance

  • Oil and Gas

  • Media

  • Sports

  • Travel and Tourism

We offer translation services across major world languages, besides English and Russian languages. All translations are done by native-speaking expert English Russian translators with decades of experience in the relevant area of expertise. Our linguists are available 24/7 which can help meet your tight deadline. Through the use of the advanced computer aided tools  we can make sure the translation is accurate and delivered in the desired layout and format.



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Russian Translation in Your sector

Our Translators
When you are looking for professional translators, you want them to be native-speaking translators and this is what our company is offering you. Native speakers are more knowledgeable about the local customs and traditions and they are fully immersed in the culture. They also know the most appropriate phrases and words to use when they are translating sensitive documents. Our translators are professionals in their respective fields and many of them are engineers, doctors, businessmen and lawyers. They have extensive background in industry sectors like banking, media, IT, aerospace, chemistry, manufacturing, telecommunications and many more.

Technical and Engineering
When it comes to engineering, the usual job requested by clients is to translate technical documents. Technical documents that are used by companies and engineers in business deals with their customers and partners need specific approach in translation as it requires the knowledge of all technical and engineering details. These engineering documents can be instruction manuals and blueprints which are critical and so need accurate translation. Our company understands how important it is to provide accurate and error-free translation of engineering documents.

Business and Marketing
In terms of marketing, advertising and business, the best way to attract more audience is to make your messages localized. Translation makes your marketing and advertising materials more effective because it can be seen and heard in a language that they are most comfortable with. Doing business also becomes easier and your ideas can be conveyed in a straightforward manner.

We translate a variety of legal documents and we always ensure its confidentiality. Here are some of the legal documents that we can translate:

·         Contracts
·         Power of attorney
·         Patents
·         Marriage certificate
·         Agreements
·         Intellectual property
·         Summons
·         Judgments

We can also help to make your legal documents and contracts abide by the local laws to avoid any problems. We have our expert legal translation team who can assist you with the local laws that you need to take into consideration.

Scientific Translations
We are proficient in translation of scientific documents into different languages such as Russian, English and all other major world languages. We can translate a variety of scientific and technical documents such as laboratory experiments, journals, science books, researches, technical write-ups, newsletters, instruction manuals and subtitling or voice over of videos. We cover a wide range of subjects in the field of science from natural to social.

Other Expertise
Our other expertise is in the field of Finance, Medical, Chemical, Agricultural, Automotive, Computers, Telecommunications, Aerospace and Media. We can cover all types of industries because we have a vast network of translators from around the world who are professionals in different fields of study. We always find the best translators for you.