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Russian Sport Translation Services

Translation of documents, websites, and videos about sports, sportsware, and sport events. 

We translate all kinds of documents, websites, and videos about sports: sports events, games, racings, football, soccer, FIFA, hockey, skiing, hiking, volleyball, tennis, swimming, and more!


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Professional sport translation from English to Russian, from Russian to English

A Team of Professional Translators 
Our team of translators is dedicated to their craft. They are passionate with what they do, which is why their results are precise. We are native speakers of several vernaculars such as Russian, English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Farsi, Mandarin, German, Portuguese, Danish, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew and many more.

Sports is our Passion 
The sports industry is a massive global industry that involves international audience. Its global nature gives businesses a great opportunity to expand internationally. Therefore, this industry is one of the many industries that require Russian to English and English to Russian translation. In order to get ahead of your competitors in the sports industry, you need to be able to communicate with your prospective foreign partners in an effective way.

Sports is not just fun and games but also big business which makes people take it seriously. This is why simple translations do not seal a business partnership deal. Our linguistic team knows what it takes to help you break down international barriers. We can help you establish a multilingual presence in the sports scene.

We guarantee that our translations are of the highest quality, since our translators are not only passionate about translating, but they are also passionate about sports. Nothing beats the skills of a well-versed and knowledgeable sports fan when it comes to translation. Hence we assign projects to a professional translator English to Russian. Therefore, you are guaranteed that you will place your translation projects in the right hands.

We Can Translate Everything 
To our Russian English translation team, all sports-related documents, videos and audio recordings are easy to translate. This is due to the fact that they are knowledgeable when it comes to this specific industry. We can translate various source documents including the following:

·          Website Translations. We can translate and localize your website to your target audience. This way, it can directly communicate to your target audience. Having your official website translated to your audience’s native language can increase your potential of attracting a new clientele.

·          Press Release and News Translations. Whenever your sports team or business needs to release a statement, we can help you translate it to your target language. We can also translate any news articles or clippings to your preferred target language. This is a great way to build up your connection with your international audience.

·          Voice Overs, Commentaries and Subtitle Translations. We also provide English and Russian translation services for live sports events, sports competitions and sporting exhibitions. We can provide you with a translator who can do the commentaries for you. We provide voice overs as well as subtitling for sports shows and videos.

·          Documents Translations. We can also provide you with precise translations for formal documents such as business proposals, meeting presentations, contracts, terms and conditions, athlete and team profiles, event programs, marketing materials and more. This way, you can be transparent with the other party that you are transacting with.

Our company is dedicated to keeping our clients happy. Therefore, we abide by our quality standard measures in order to provide you with the best translation results.