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Are You looking for professional English Russian technical translation services? Do you need to translate a document, website, or video, into English or Russian? Looking for technical translator in your area of expertise?

Technical documentation is a critical asset of any project and company, which requires a serious handling and accurate translation. The precision and accuracy of translation can be ensured by assigning the project to the highly qualified and experienced native-speaking professional translator with respective background and double-check of completed translation by the second linguist.

We understand the importance and criticality of your technical documents for your business. We contract expert technical translators with a wide range of specialist knowledge of and a substantial experience in your industry. All our linguists are certified and qualified for translation in your sector, whether it is operational guidelines, instruction manual, engineering research and development reports, or technology description. 

All our technical translations are going through the stringent multi-tiered quality assurance process in compliance with ISO 17100:2015 standard, which ensures the delivery at the highest level of quality. Besides the linguists we have a team of bilingual specialists like engineers, scientists, physicists, lawyers, chemists, medical practitioners, and other industry specialists. We specialize in translation of various technical areas of expertise, including but not limited to:  engineering, technology, IT, telecom, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, construction, manufacturing, automotive, Oil and Gas, aerospace, electronics, manufacturing, renewable energy, AI, and more.

Some of the types of documents we translate:
•    Patents
•    Technical manuals
•    Users Guides
•    Installation instructions
•    Service manuals
•    Tender documents
•    Training material
•    Technical brochures
•    Data sheets
•    Technical catalogs
•    Safety reports

Every translation is performed using the project specific terminology. To make sure the correct terminology is used we compile a glossary with a list of unique and industry-specific technical terms. This enables us to keep the translation consistent across all the documents in one project. 

With a wide network of professional translators in UK, EU, USA, and Russia, we can cope with and handle large projects in case you have to translate hundreds of documents within tight deadlines. All our linguists expert in technical translation not only possess an excellent command of Russian and English but also have an in-depth understanding of the subject matter of the translated text and its terminology. All translators assigned to your project have a proven track-record in delivering accurate translation services. 



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English Russian Technical Translation | Russian English Technical Translation

Professional technical translation from English to Russian, from Russain to English

English Russian Technical Translations
Our company has a diverse pool of professional translators that specialize in English and Russian translations. We offer various language solutions for your buiness and personal needs. We are all native speakers of English and Russian languages. We are equipped with the knowledge of a wide range of expertise that caters to different demands of the target market.

We provide technical English Russian translation services for those who need to translate manuals, contracts, articles, maintenance and operation documents, and other related materials belonging to various industries. Technical translation from Russian to English and vice versa can be rather difficult, since the text and contents may contain some specific terminology that cannot be easily understood by most individuals. This kind of work requires necessary expertise and knowledge to precisely translate Russian to English, or vice versa. We are confident when it comes to this kind of work because our technical translators are abounding with necessary credentials and background knowledge in technical fields.

Why should you hire us? 
Accuracy and attention to detail are very crucial when it comes to technical translation, especially when you need to translate critical technical data or text, which our English and Russian translators can ensure. Aside from our team of experienced translators, we are also supported by a team of technical specialists, such as chemical engineers, chemists, electronic engineers, civil engineers, medical practitioners, scientists, and other industry professionals. We are confident that our team of experts will be able to meet your demands.

·         Wide variety of documents. We can translate various documents, which include but not limited to User Guides, IT documents, software manuals, user manuals, operation and maintenance manuals, technical manuals, patents, system requirement documents, instruction manuals, data sheets, service manuals, technical brochures, guide books and more.

·         Use of various formats. Although most of our translated outputs are in Microsoft Word format, we can also use other formats like Microsoft Excel format, XML, Adobe Framemaker, InDesign, and more. In addition, if technical documents have drawings and illustrations, we can translate texts in the graphics.

·         Correct terminology. It is essential for a technical document to have correct terminology. Therefore, the correct terminology is a key to successful technical translation. To ensure this requirement is met, our English and Russian translators consult our supporting team, which are technical specialists, whenever there are some terms that are needed to be clarified and defined. In addition to that, we include a glossary, which compiles the list of all the unique industry-specific technical terms that are to be used in the project.

·         Wide range of technical areas. There are a lot of technical areas that we can translate Russian English. These include automotive, automation, telecommunications, computer technology, ports, petrochemical, chemicals, electric power plants, compressors, agrotechnology, transport energy, gas turbines, pharmaceuticals, process engineering, machine tools, nuclear petroleum, railways, railroads, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, construction engineering, energy, oil and gas, primary industries, transport and logistics, chemical industry, ports, micro-processor technology, geology and more.

Let us know what you need and we will make it happen for you. Contact us now for your technical translation needs.