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How it works

How can I get my TRANSLATION?

It's quite easy! There are 5 steps altogether! 1. You just submit your file, or link to files or website or video, with comments and description of your project 2. We send you our price quote and You Approve our price quote 3. You Pay online 4. We commence translating immediatey! 5. You get your file(s) translated!

How fast can I get my translation done?

How fast you will get the completed translation of your documentm website, or video, will depend on your requested urgency of the project and the volume of the material to be translated. If it is the matter of just one page or two pages the translation will take a few hours or maximum one day. But if your text consists of more than 10 pages the translation may take 2 or more days. The process of translation normally includes the translation itself plus editing or proofreading (double check).

What is the lowest rate for professional translation?

The lowest rate for professional English Russian translation is 0.05 USD per source word. For Russian to English translation the rate is a bit higher - 0.07 USD per source word - because the translation will be done by native English speakers, i.e. USA or UK translators.

How much does my project cost?

The amount of the overall or total price for English Russian or Russian English translation depends on a few factors: 1. Language combination (direction) - English to Russian or Russian to English 2. Urgency of the project (same day or whenever it wil be ready) 3. Subject matter 4. Formatting 5. Certification