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Russian Translation Services

From $0.06 USD

From as low as 0.06USD per source word

Quality Assurance

Quality Control in compliance with ISO 17100:2015 and EN 15038 

 All Industries

Business, Finance, Medicine, Law, Oil and Gas, IT, Engineering, Media

English Russian Translation Services

Translation of Document, Website, Video / Post-editing / Copy-writing

Are You looking for professional English Russian or Russian English translation services? Do you need to have translated your document, website, or video? Do you need professional English or Russian translator for your communications or business projects?









We stand out from our competitors as a company providing accurate, high-quality English Russian translation services. Headquartered in UK, London, with a professional team of over 100 English and Russian translators and subject matter experts, we help big and small companies and individuals succeed in both local and global marketplace.





Our vast experience and proficiency in translation of industry specific texts, cooperation with professional experts, compliance to international quality assurance standards, set us apart from other translation companies.

Our translators are native-speakers of Russian and English languages, have over 6 years of proven translation experience, certification of ATA, ITI, and other associations, and qualification in translation of different subjects.

Fast turnaround times – from same-day-delivery
Competitive pricing – from as low as 0.06 USD
Available 24/7 – on demand
Immediate commencement of translation
Quality Assurance – Compliant to ISO and EN

As one of the major English Russian translation provider we have respective and sufficient capabilities and resources to meet your demands in translation and address your local and global needs. With our commitment to quality, fast turnaround times, and focus on your specific requirements, we offer accurate and consistent translation at affordable prices.   


Request for English Russian Translation

English and Russian Translators

Over 1000 professional native-speaking in-house and freelance translators

Quality Assurance and Management

Quality control in compliance with ISO and EN

Double check by industrial expert

Professional Qualification

Professional linguists qualified for translation  in your specific field.

Affordable Prices

Best market prices for English Russian translation - from as low as $0.05 USD p.s.w.

Secure Storage and Transfer

We store and transfer data and files in compliance with GDRP regulation.

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English Russian Translation Services for your international communications - translation of documents, websites, videos, and copywriting

Commitment to Quality

Our commitment is to deliver high quality and reliable language translation services.
Effective management, reasonable pricing, using state-of-the-art technologies ensure the provision of professional translations of any complexity within your deadline and budget, from personal documents to technical documentation.

English Russian Translators

We are Translation Services provider with an office based in UK, London.
Our English and Russian translators translate more than languages, words and documents. We translate your thoughts, ideas, and intentions.

Our Team consists of highly qualified professional translators, native speakers of their language, proofreaders and bilingual technical experts proficient in particular subjects or industry sectors.
​With a global network of over 1000 professional linguists with a diverse range of skills, knowledge and background, we are able to provide flexible and tailored language services.

Our language experts are selected according to their specialist skills in their areas of expertise, such as technical translation that requires in-depth knowledge of respective terminology, medical translation that requires specific knowledge of different sectors in the industry, financial translation, legal translation, marketing and business translation.

We excel at managing a wide range of translation projects, from small scale, single language pair to large multilingual and multi-file projects involving high-technical or legal or medical terminology.

When we hire linguists we look for candidates who will satisfy our stringent requirements:
• At least two references from previous clients or projects
• Translate only into their native language
• Be appropriately qualified in specific technical areas
• Have at least 5 years of experience in the subject of the text he/she translates


Our main assets are our professional English and Russian translators located around the world who are used to working both alone and in teams.
But in order to leverage the work of our valuable assets we are using the most up-to-date cutting edge technology that helps us to shorten the turnaround times, build glossaries, improve the consistencies of your translations and minimize the risk of making errors in translation.

• Project Management System
• CAT tools (Translation Memory Software)
• Word count software

The CAT tools are dynamic platforms that support almost any translation memory format. There is a number of Translation Memory Software that we use: Trados, WordFast, MemoQ, DejaVu, Transit, MetaTexis, Omega T, Idiom Desktop Workbench, and many other tools.

Our aim has always been to offer our customers a guarantee of cost, quality and quick delivery. And the integration of technology into the translation process makes this aim attainable.
We keep our tools and resources updated according to the most recent trends in translation industry in order to continually improve our services.

Project Management / Workflow
All Russian to English and English to Russian translations are performed by human beings – professional English and Russian translators with relevant skills and experience — and not by translation robots or machines. The document shall always be translated by a native speaker.

Once the document has been translated it will be forwarded to an editor or a proofreader for double check.

To edit and proofread the translated text and provide for accurate translation we engage a second linguist who thoroughly checks the completed translation and compares the translated text with the original text for finding any omissions, stylistic and/or grammar mistakes.
Finally, our project manager reviews the translation and adjusts all formatting to ensure that the finished product you receive is polished, accurate and meets your project and quality requirements.

To facilitate the translation process and provide our clients with customized Russian translation services we use our proprietary Project Management System that ensures faster turnaround times, high-quality translation, and cost–effective language solutions.

The utilization of the Project Management System enhances our linguists’ capabilities, provides for 24/7 client support, and makes you rest assured that you will receive the high-quality translation service within the set deadline.

The designated Project Manager will have to:
• Find the right linguist with relevant skills and background for your specific project
• Manage your translation project from call to invoice
• Facilitate feedback and communication between translator and the client
• Be available for any feedback and support

Whether you need a professional document translation, website localization, desktop publishing or a Voice-Over we’ve got the professional translation service you need.
English-Russian-Translations stands-out as a reliable vendor by our hard-working attitude, 24-hour service, professional English and Russian translators, our approach to technology and our dedication to customer service that meets your requirements and demands.
We offer our clients a wide range of customized high-quality Russian translation services and help you communicate effectively anywhere in the world at competitive prices.

Our Russian language translation services include:

  • Document Translation

  • Website Translation

  • Software Translation

  • Drawing Translation

  • Editing / Proofreading

  • Desktop Publishing/Formatting

  • Typesetting

  • Subtitling

  • Voice Over

  • Dubbing​

  • ​Copywriting

  • Globalization

We help both large and small companies and private individuals access opportunities in markets all over the globe by offering fast, accurate and reliable tailored approach with a range of language services in English and Russian language as well as in over 20 other major world languages, in all major formats, of all types of documents and in any area of expertise.

We not only provide professional translation services in all major languages, but we also provide a proprietary project management service that handles everything from translation project cost estimate and planning to final delivery.
​In our tackling the challenges of communication across languages and culture we think, speak and feel global in everything we do that makes your message understood and accessible to your target audience.

We accept online translation quote request and translation orders 24/7 so you may be able to get a reply from us within hours.
If your project is urgent we can use two to five translators simultaneously depending on the urgency and the text volume. Although in our care for the style and uniformity of translation we prefer to give the whole job to one person. We may discuss this with you once we know your requirements and form a project plan.

The translation process consists of several stages:
• Translation by one or more translators
• Liaison with experts with technical or industry specific background
• Proofreading and double-check
• Final review and quality control
• Delivery to customer

The services can be customized to your requirements that will guarantee you get an accurate translation according to your particular needs.
If you have any questions or inquiries you can contact us via e-mail or leave us a note on our website.

We translate from English to Russian and from Russian to English and also between all major world languages so you can be sure we have the right solution for your business and industry!
Even if you do not find your language(s) in the list of languages we translate please stay we us as we have a global network of translators who can translate virtually in any language!
Mostly we translate the documents between English and Russian but we also translate in the following languages: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.
See the list of languages we translate.

We accept all common document formats and also many uncommon ones.
Whether you use MAC or PC, we can accept all major formats, including:
• MS Word, Excel, Power Point
• Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
• QuarkXPress
• AutoCAD
• XML, HTML, PHP, etc
See the list of file Formats we can handle.

We translate all types of documents, including: manuals, business proposals, contracts, certificates, specifications, press releases, speeches, research documents, business letters, medical records, engineering documents, drawings, publications, legal documents, personal correspondence, job applications, etc.
See the list of types of documents we translate.

​Areas of Expertise
We cover a wide spectrum of subjects and fields, including: advertising, aerospace, agriculture, automotive, business, chemical, commerce, culture, defense, e-learning, economics, education, energy, engineering, entertainment, environment, financial, globalization, industry, information technology, legal, manufacturing, marketing, media, medicine, religion, retail, science, sociology, software, technical, technology, telecommunications, etc.
To see the list of areas of expertise our translators are proficient in.

​Customer Service
We provide comprehensive support for our clients – from pre-project to post-project support.
Our managers will contact you for any inquiry or question from you.
Use of our Project Management System will provide for your translation project tracking and timely customer feedback.
Contact us for any inquiries.

​Quality Control
To ensure you receive a high quality English to Russian and Russian to English translation we provide our services in compliance with international translation quality standards: ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038.

Alongside this compliance we also use our own stringent Quality Management System that covers everything from the background and qualifications of our language professionals to the formatting of documents to customers’ satisfaction. It provides for automated project management and management of human resources workflows, offers individual approach with significant reduction of turnaround times and management cost.

To ensure quality provision of Russian translation services we observe the following conditions:
• Tracking and management of translation assignments
• Use of Translation Memory and CAT Tools to manage terminology
• Use of qualified professional translators
• Full awareness of the customer requirements and understanding of the subject matter of the document context
• Project management with final review to ensure the text formatting and editing are accurate

Following the final delivery of translated product we may discuss the job with you to evaluate the technical and linguistic quality of translation.

We subject all our translation work to thorough quality assurance checks at every stage in the translation process:
• Editing / Proofing
• Checking and correction by industrial expert(s) for terminology and consistency
• Final review and “fine tuning”

Proofreading of a translated document is essential to ensure the work is carried out thoroughly, and the sentence structure, spelling and grammar are checked.

Most of our translators are members of one or more national and international translation associations:
• The Institute of Translation and Interpreting
• The Association of Translation Companies
• The European Language Industry Association

​Cost estimate
For your convenience you can get a rough estimate of your Translation Project based on the number of words, language pair, subject matter, and type of service using our online calculator.
You can also request a quote for your specific project by filling in our Online Quote Request form, describing your project and uploading your file(s) for translation.

Order Placement
You can easily place your translation order online using our Online Order form.

Please contact us today to discuss your translation needs or ask a question or make an inquiry.
So if you’re looking for a reliable translation company using the latest technological advances, then call us on +44 20 3608 6157 or send us an e-mail to

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