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Over 100 native-speaking translators qualified and experienced in your industry.

English Russian Translator, Interpreter

English and Russian Translators for your local, corporate, and international language needs.

​Are You looking for professional English or Russian translator for your English Russian translation projects? Do you need to translate your documents, website, or video between English and Russian?

With a network of over 100 qualified and experienced translators we provide high-quality English Russian translation services on time and on budget. We are fully compliant with ISO and EN that ensures that all our translations will meet the most stringent standards for quality and accuracy.

As one of the leading English Russian translation providers we offer Russian language translation solutions for companies and individuals across all industries and deliver fast and reliable translation services at competitive and affordable prices.

Regardless of volume and complexity of text to be translated our team is equipped with all required tools and resources to handle your project and deliver the highest quality translation service.

With a relevant knowledge, experience and proficiency in different areas of expertise, we translate, including but not limited to the following sectors: Business, Sales, Financial, eCommerce, Travel and Tourism, IT, Marketing, Media, Software, Consumer, Telecom, Medical, Technical, Pharmaceutical, Government, Engineering and Technology, Non-commercial, and more.

  • Over 100 native speaking English and Russian translators

  • Professional linguists qualified for translation in Your sector

  • In-house and freelance translators in USA, UK, EU, Russia

  • Translators certified by ATA, ITI

  • Bi-lingual industrial experts

​We are certified native English and Russian Translators as well as bilingual Technical Specialists with over 10 years of experience.
All of us are holders of Bachelor and/or Master degrees in Linguistics.

​​Within the last 10 years we have gained vast experience in delivering high quality and detail-oriented translation services in an accurate and timely fashion.

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English and Russian Translators

Over 1000 professional native-speaking in-house and freelance translators

Quality Assurance and Management

Quality control in compliance with ISO and EN

Double check by industrial expert

Professional Qualification

Professional linguists qualified for translation  in your specific field.

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Best market prices for English Russian translation - from as low as $0.05 USD p.s.w.

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We store and transfer data and files in compliance with GDRP regulation.

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Professional, qualified and certified in-house and freelance translators for English Russian and Russian English translations

​Our accomplished and experienced English and Russian Technical Translators have an in-depth knowledge of industry terminology within specific areas of expertise.

​​Within the last 10 years we have gained a vast experience in delivering high quality and detail-oriented translation services in an accurate and timely fashion.

​Our English and Russian Translators were inviolved in translation of major national and international Projects of Oil and Gas, Operation, Construction, Manufacturing, Production, Transportation, Telecommunication, Energy and Power, IT, Nanotechnology and many other projects.
To see the list of some of the Companies and Projects our translators have worked with please go to References.

​​All our specialists are bi- and trilingual translation experts qualified within their specific subject areas who are well aware of the cultural characteristics of the target audience and who can help you successfully bring your message to the global market.

​​Our English and Russian language professionals have outstanding credentials, linguistic and technical background and many years of experience in diverse technical fields including engineering, manufacturing, medicine, telecom, IT, business, marketing, finance, and other fields. To learn more about fields of specialization for which our services are offered please go to Expertise.

​​To ensure quality and consistency as well as the proper completion and delivery of any specific technical translation we combine the linguistic skills of professional translators with the expertise of engineers, scientists and field experts.


Our translators have the following credentials and skills:
• Native speakers
• Bachelor, PhD, Master degree holders
• Over 10 years of experience
• Official members of professional translators’ bodies like ATA, ITI or the equivalent institution in their local country.
• Qualified in technical or scientific specialization
• Knowledge and use of on-line glossaries and databases
• Excellent communication skills.

We assign Russian to English and English to Russian translation Projects to professional and qualified English or Russian translator who is expert in one's field. So we cooperate only with the best language experts with excellent track record and vast experience.
Mostly we use the same English Russian translator for the same client.
When recruiting we demand the very highest performance and professionalism from our translators so we are also looking for industry specific knowledge, including marketing, software, IT, engineering, research, telecoms, healthcare and all other areas, so that the translators are able to fully understand the terminology and the subject matter of the project they work on.

We have a stringent testing and recruitment procedure in place to ensure that you have the best linguist for your Project.
Our English and Russian translators are carefully selected on the basis of language pair, area of expertise, qualification and professional experience. Every translator goes through a thorough quality check before being hired.
To assess the translator we ask for the samples from his/her previous jobs that show one’s capabilities and references from the clients they worked for before. To double check their proficiency we give them the small text for translation and see if they are suitable for the particular project.
We encourage our translators to be honest in assessing their capabilities and avoid jobs for which they are not qualified and strictly observe the deadlines agreed upon and notify immediately if they encounter unexpected contingencies in the performance of their assignments.

​​Technical Support
Our Technical Experts acting as Consultants and Researchers in specific technical areas include Scientists, Engineers, Technicians, Field Experts, Designers, Physicians, Business Consultants, Lawyers, International Companies’ representatives, and other professionals. They are all having qualifications and certifications in their respective fields of specialization as well as bachelor, master and doctor degrees in exact sciences.

Quality assurance
We perfrom our translations and manage translation projects in compliance with the EN 15038 international quality standard.
To learn more about our quality assurance philosophy please go to Quality Assurance.

We are always looking for good linguists. If you a professional English Russian translator or a proofreader and believe you are able to perform superb quality translation, please send your information to us via e-mail.
There is always a place for you in our large team of qualified professionals!