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English Russian Video Translation Services

Video / Audio Translation - Subtitling, Voice Over, Dubbing, Transcription

Are You looking for professional English Russian video translation services? Do you need to subtitle or voice over your videos?

If you have a multimedia file (it could be all kinds of films: video presentations, cartoons, audio books, etc.) to be translated, presented and played in a foreign language (English, Russian and 20+ other languages) we can do the typesetting, transcription, captioning, subtitling, voice over and dubbing for you!


You can request for the full service video translation or choose one of the services. The price varies depending on the service you need. So, if you have to record the voice in Russian or English over the original voice the process will consist of several stages, including the decryption (preparation of text for translation), translation of the prepared script, making the sound record (it could be male, female, or children’s voice) of the translated text on top of the original voice with the appropriate matching to the timing.

We provide support throughout the entire process of video conversion into another language - transcription, translation, subtitling and voice over.

With over 10 years of experience in subtitling and voice recording we guarantee the reception of the high quality product that can be successfully presented to the local and international market and get maximum results for your benefit.

All the translations are carried out by translators familiar with the subject of your audio or video material and who can make it perfectly. All the subtitles and captions are made using the up-to-date video editors. All the sound recordings are made in a professional studio.

We translate:

  • Video/Audio commercials

  • Video manuals (e.g. operations and maintenance)

  • Educational films

  • Video instructions, lessons

  • Tutorials

  • Presentations

  • Feature films

  • Advertisements

  • Documentaries

  • Video/Audio guides

  •  Animated films

  • YouTube videos (subtitles and translation)


We provide professional services of translating different types of video (and audio) files from English into Russian, and vice versa.


Every translation of Russian or English script or text is adapted to the target audience - whether it Russian or English audience – by taking into consideration the foreign mentality.

When we have to make the recording of a voice we choose the suitable actor for the voice over – male, female or kid.

We translate between English and Russian and do also translate from Russian to all other major world languages, including but not limited to: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian or Vietnamese.



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Professional video translation - subtitling, voice over, captioning, dubbing, typesetting, transcription

Are you looking for someone, who will professionally translate your .avi, .wmv or other audio or video file? Great news! We have a pool of professional translators, who will perform the hardest tasks for you. Russian voice translation, transcribing, dubbing, subtitling or even voice over for any audio or video files of any known formats becomes so easy with us! Russian voice over talents are already waiting for your instructions!

And here is the set of most common tasks we will gladly help you with:

This is the written version of a dialogue usually found in films and other audio-visual material. Subtitling enables these films and videos to penetrate a greater scale of viewers with it breaking language barriers. However, other translation companies or individuals provide wrongly translated subtitles; thus, deviating from the original message of the film. 

We guarantee you that this will not happen as we employ professional subtitlers. We employ specialists and independent linguists who proofread the subtitles to assure the customer that the subtitles are accurate and consistent. We also provide subtitles for documentaries and subtitling services for those who are deaf.

2 main types of subtitling:

1.    Pre-recording- also known as closed captioning. Sometimes are shortened versions of the dialogue to allow for the strict spatial and time limits.
2.    Live Subtitling- real time subtitling. This is usually used for news or current affairs programs.

This is the process of converting vocal speeches into written texts. We offer transcriptions of audios or videos in over 40 different languages. We employ very skilled transcriptionists that are trained to deal with the complexities of the transcriptions and the verbatim needs of the customers. Some of our specialties include podcasts, staff meetings, presentations, speeches, survey board meetings, medical procedures, hearings and a lot more.

There are three types of transcription services that we offer and these are:

1.    Pure transcribing- the transcription is just done with the same language as the source.
2.    One-step transcribing and translating- the transcription is done with a different language.
3.    Two-step transcribing and translating- the transcription is done with a number of different languages.

Voice Over
This is commonly used in video productions to replace particular audio contents in a specific scene. Voice over is recorded by a voice actor in the audio format, which will then be added to the video or film where it is needed. At our company, we use cutting-edge software to facilitate the integration of the text into the video in high quality. We also employ professionals, speakers, actors, voice artists and the like, so that every voice over project will be as perfect as possible. And to make the video files sound authentic and original, we employ native voice over artists so that every language will sound like the “real” one, with all the accents. We provide this service for more than 40 different languages.

Dubbing replaces the original recordings of voices and sounds in a video by another voice. This service relies and requires perfect synchronization and lip movement. We can adapt consistently and accurately to the original soundtrack by flawless exporting and translating recordings but still, of course, retaining the original message. We have employed native specialists who are talented and skilled and are able to preserve the tone of the recording to make it sound natural.